Sound BlasterX AE-5 PCIe DAC with AMP Sound Card Review – Do You Need One?

Several years ago, sound cards where a thing and most of the time a requirement, specially when a motherboard doesn’t have an on-board audio component. After a while, motherboards are now built with audio (in/out) components. But most of them doesn’t offer good or great sound quality; doesn’t support high resolution audio formats or multiple …

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Asus VX279 Review – A Nice 27-Inch IPS Monitor with Thin Bezel

Asus VX279H 27-inch IPS Monitor Review

Desktop monitors have greatly evolved and improved over the years; from the ancient bulky and heavy CRT monitor, to the almost bezel-free super bright IPS display. Nowadays, monitors do not come only with a wider and larger screen size, but they also produce brighter and more vivid pictures and images which are pleasing to the …

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