Audeze LCD-5 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review – One of The Best There Is

audeze lcd 5 headphone review

The Audeze LCD-5 is currently the company’s flagship headphone. Released in late Q3 of 2021, the LCD-5 offers a completely redesigned and improved body. It’s slightly smaller, noticeably lighter, more comfortable, and comes with improved drivers, according to Audeze. Today, I will share my subjective listening experience after using the LCD-5 for over a month. …

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Meze Audio Advar IEM Review – An Ugly Duckling Earphone?

meze audio advar review

Today we are checking out Meze Audio’s ADVAR, a unique-looking IEM powered by a “precisely tuned” 10.2mm single dynamic driver. It has a black glossy body with gold accents; and because of its unique design, it was dubbed the “Ugly Duckling”. I assume many of you already know the story of the ugly duckling. So, …

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HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Open-back Planar Headphone Review (Updated)

hifiman arya stealth magnets review-08

HIFIMAN is constantly improving its line of headphones. The Arya is perhaps one of the more popular headphone series from the company. The Stealth Magnet version is the 3rd iteration of the Arya headphone. The first Arya was released in 2018, followed by the Arya v2 in 2020 with improved design. The Arya v3 features …

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Sony LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds Review (Long Term) – Should You Buy This?

sony linkbuds true wireless earbuds review

Q1 this year, Sony released a unique wireless earbuds that has a hole in it. Meet the Sony LinkBuds WF-L900 Truly Wireless Earbuds. Not to be confused with the recently released LinkBuds S, the LinkBuds is unlike any other earbuds or earphone on the market. It features an “open-back” design, and I think it’s also …

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Sivga Robin SV021 Headphone Review – This is Fun!

sivga robin sv021 review

Today we are reviewing the Sivga Robin SV021 headphone. Sivga reached out to us, and they wanted us to test their budget-friendly headphone. The Robin SV021 currently retails for $149 USD; it was $169 originally. Many people claimed that the SV021 is a “fantastic sounding headphone for its price”. So today, let’s find out if …

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Audeze Euclid In-Ear Headphone Review – Planar Magnetic in Small Package

audeze euclid earphone review

A few years ago, we reviewed Audeze‘s flagship in-ear headphone, the LCDi4. It sounded great despite having an odd shape or design. It has exceptional detail retrieval, sounds spacious, and offers excellent sound staging and imaging. However, it had several downsides, like (EQ) plugin-dependent and high price. Early this year, Audeze announced a new planar magnetic …

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Philips Fidelio X3 Open-Back Headphone Review – Who Is This For?

Philips Fidelio X3 Review

The Philips Fidelio X2 was one of the most popular open-back headphones in the market. Not only that it was enjoyed by music lovers, but gamers as well. The X2 series has been around for quite some time now and many were anticipating a successor. Late last year, Philips released the Fidelio X3 open-back headphone. …

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Audeze LCD-X (2021) Headphone Review – New And Improved Version

audeze lcd-x 2021 version headphone review

Towards the end of March 2021, Audeze announced that their popular LCD-X and LCD-XC headphones are now built with several improvements and refinements. Today, we are going to check out one of these headphones – the Audeze LCD-X 2021 version. The LCD-X is a planar magnetic headphone with an open back design. It’s one of …

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Luxury & Precision W2 Review – Best Portable USB DAC AMP for Smartphones?

Luxury Precision W2 DAC Review

Today, we are going to check out the new Luxury & Precision W2. It is a portable USB DAC with headphone AMP and is part of the company’s flagship W series. Portable DAC/AMPs like the W2 have been gaining popularity since it upgrades your smartphone’s or other compatible mobile device’s audio. It turns your smartphone …

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Cayin N3Pro Review – Best ‘Mid-Range DAP’ with Dual-Timbre? (2021 Update)

Cayin N3Pro DAP Review

Today, we are checking out a very interesting portable digital audio player (DAP) – the Cayin N3Pro. I think it’s quite an interesting audio player since it features both Solid State and Vacuum Tubes. As a result, Cayin’s N3Pro is capable of delivering dual timbre or sound signature. Well, to be exact that would be …

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