Cougar NxSys Aero Gaming Chairs with Integrated Cooling Released

Cougar NxSys Aero Gaming Chairs

Cougar recently released a gaming chair with an integrated 200mm RGB cooling fan at the back. They call it the NxSys Aero gaming chair. Now, I’m unsure if putting a fan (directly) behind your back is a good idea. I guess it is okay if you are not sweating (hard) and you just want some … continue reading

Thermaltake ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair Announced

Thermaltake ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair

Thermaltake and Studio F.A. Porsche recently announced a new “gaming chair” that does not look like any other gaming chairs in the market. It’s like a combination of gaming chair and office chair, but designed in an elegant way. Meet Thermaltake and Stufio F.A. Porsche’s ARGENT E700 Real Leather gaming chair. Check out more details … continue reading

Best Gaming Chairs This 2020 – Comfortable and High Quality Chairs

most comfortable best gaming chairs

Nowadays there are a lot of gaming chairs to choose from. They come in different designs, sizes, colors, price range, made from different materials. Some are cheap but are not made of high quality materials. While others are a bit expensive but are comfortable and are well-made. Below are some of the best office and … continue reading