WD Red Pro 6TB NAS Hard Drive Review (WD6001FFWX)

WD Red Pro 6TB HDD Review

We previously reviewed WD’s fastest hard drive for mainstream users, content creators and gamers (the WD Black 6TB WD6001FZWX); but how about the “NAS version” of this drive? Does WD have a drive that will offer the same fast performance of the WD6001FZWX for a NAS environment? Today, we are going to check out and … continue reading

WD Red Pro 6TB and 5TB Hard Drives Now Available, See Features and Specifications

WD Red Pro 6TB and 5TB Hard Drives Announced

WD recently announced two new larger capacities of their WD Red Pro NAS drives, the WD Red Pro 6TB (WD6001FFWX) and Red Pro 5TB (WD5001FFWX). These two new drives features Shock Protection, NASware 3.0, Vibration Protection and comes with longer warranty coverage. Check out more of its features, specifications and prices below.