Samsung Odyssey G9 and CRG9 Gaming Monitor Deals – Black Friday 2020 Deals

Samsung Odyssey G9 and CRG9 Gaming Monitor Deals

Two of the most popular ultrawide gaming monitors are currently having a deal. Both the Samsung Odyssey G9 and Samsung CRG9 have discounted prices right now. If you are in the market for an ultrawide gaming monitor, or specifically you’ve been eying on the Samsung Odyssey G9 or the Samsung CRG9, now is probably the …

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Lenovo Deals and Coupon November 2020 – Black Friday Deals Coming

Lenovo doesn’t stop giving out sweet deals and coupons every month. Here you will find all the available best Lenovo deals and discounts that are active and valid in a given month this 2020. Lenovo offers discounts for their laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and even ThinkServers, Workstations, ThinkCentres and many more. The amount of discount also …

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Verizon Wireless Deals and Sale for November 2020

In this page, you’ll find all the available and latest Verizon Wireless deals and sales that are active and valid in a given month. I try to updated this post as much as I can or when Verizon releases a new set of deals or coupons. Usually Verizon offers deals and discounts on flagship smartphones …

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3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs Discounted! – Great Time To Buy A CPU!

3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs Discounted

Great news for the PC community! AMD has recently dropped the prices of their award-winning 3rd gen Ryzen processors for a limited time. The Ryzen processors are already a great deal when compared to Intel’s offering even at MSRP price. And it gets even better this time, as you can get a Ryzen 9 3900X …

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Best MacBook Black Friday Deals 2019

Macbook Black Friday Deals 2019

Apple MacBook Black Friday deals has begun, and it’s a great time to buy an Apple MacBook laptop. Although, technically speaking, it is not Friday yet; the MacBook Pro and Air are already being discounted by major retailers. Some of them offer significant discounts, especially for models that are much older or have higher specs …

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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional for only $14 USD & Free shipping!

Microsoft Window 10 is the latest operating system combines the strengths of Windows 8 and the popular Windows 7 skillfully. The only drawback: The original price of the Pro version is full of $200 USD. That does not have to be! At you can get your Windows 10 License for only 14 USD, limited …

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Acer Deals and Coupons for July 2017

In this page, you’ll find all of the available Acer deals, discounts and coupons to be used on Acer’s online store. The deals listed here are valid for the given month. Acer usually offers several discounts on their products on a monthly basis, so we’ll update this page every time Acer has new deals and …

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AMD Ryzen 7 Processors Get Price Drops – Now Even More Affordable!

Planning to build your first Ryzen system? This could probably the best time to buy a Ryzen 7 processor. Recently, we saw price drops from various (online) retailers. AMD’s flagship Ryzen 7 1800X went from $499 (launch price) down to around $457. The Ryzen 7 1700X is now selling at around $349 from $399; and …

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