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Corsair RM vs HX vs AX Modular PSUs – What’s the Difference and Which Should You Buy?

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One of Corsair‘s popular products is power supplies, and they currently offer five different series. These are the CX, RM, HX, AX, and SF. Choosing the suitable PSU for your PC can be daunting, especially when faced with the array of options offered by Corsair. If you find yourself unsure of which Corsair PSU to buy or struggling to understand the differences between their various series, fret not. This article is here to guide you through the decision-making process. We will explore Corsair’s different PSU series, providing you with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice. Please continue reading below and find out which Corsair PSU is the best for your system or build.

corsair rm vs hx vs ax psu

Which Corsair Power Supply Is The Best For Your System? RM, HX or AX? Plus CX and SF Series

First of all, let’s define each of Corsair’s PSU series. Based on the description of each lineup alone, I’m positive that you’ll have a better understanding of each PSU series.

Corsair CX PSU Series – Entry Level Modular PSU

corsair cx-f psu

Let’s start with Corsair’s entry-level modular PSU – the CX-F series. When it comes to PCs that don’t require high-performance capabilities, like work computers with basic or integrated GPUs, a simple and dependable power supply is sufficient. Since these systems don’t draw a significant amount of power from the wall, the power supply’s efficiency doesn’t have a significant impact. However, it’s important to note that these basic power supply units (PSUs) lack a Zero RPM mode, meaning they don’t completely eliminate fan noise.

Corsair’s CX-F PSU 80 Plus Bronze only. While they are cheap, they are not that efficient compared to the other PSUs in Corsair’s lineup. The CX-F PSUs balance affordability and performance, making them a good choice for budget-conscious builders. If you have a moderate power requirement and are not running high-end components or engaging in heavy overclocking, the CX-F series can provide ample power delivery.

Corsair’s CX-F modular power supply is available in 550W, 650W, and 750W. You can also choose from black or white, and its fans come with RGB lighting.

CX-F Key Features

  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified
  • 120mm RGB Fan
  • Available in Black or White with matching cables
  • 105°C Rated Japanese Primary Capacitors
  • Microsoft Modern Standby Support
  • Fully Modular
  • Five-Year Warranty

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Corsair CX-F Modular PSUs are available on here.

Corsair RM and RMx PSU Series – The Mid-Tier

corsair rm and rmx psu series

Like the CX-F series, Corsair’s RM and RMx PSU series still offer a balance between performance and affordability. But they are 80 Plus Gold certified, offering better efficiency, and are available in a wider range of wattage. If you are looking for a reliable PSU that delivers efficient power while maintaining low noise levels, the RM series is worth considering. Their advanced fans incorporate a Zero RPM mode, effectively reducing PSU noise and eliminating fan noise during periods of lower demand. The RM series is suitable for gaming PCs, workstations, and general-purpose systems.

On the other hand, the newer RMx series takes the performance and features of the RM series to the next level. It offers even higher efficiency, tighter voltage regulation, and lower ripple for more stable and cleaner power delivery. The RMx series is perfect for users who demand premium performance and want to maximize the efficiency of their system. These PSUs are particularly well-suited for high-end gaming rigs, content creation workstations, and enthusiasts who require top-tier components.

The RM series is available from 850W up to 1000W. There’s also an RMe ATX 3.0 model, a small and compact PSU. Meanwhile, the RMx is available from 750W up to 1200W. And there’s also the new RMx Shift, where all its ports are on the side.

RM(x) Key Features

  • Magnetic Levitation Fan
  • 100% All Japanese 105°C Capacitors
  • Modern Standby Compatible
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode
  • Fully Modular
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Ten-Year Warranty

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Corsair RM Series modular PSUs are available on here.
Corsair RMx Series modular PSUs are available on here.

The HX PSU Series – The Upper Mid-Tier Modular PSU

corsair hx and hxi psu series

Corsair’s HX and HXi series PSUs are targeted toward users who demand top-tier performance, advanced features, and exceptional reliability for their high-end computer systems. Unlike the RM series, the HX series is 80 Plus Platinum, meaning they can achieve around 92% efficiency when the PSU is in 100% load.

The HX series is designed for enthusiasts and power users who require a robust and high-performance PSU. These PSUs offer excellent stability and efficiency, making them suitable for demanding applications such as gaming rigs, workstations, and systems with multiple graphics cards. On the other hand, the HXi series is similar to the HX series, but you can connect the PSU to your system, which can be monitored and configured via Corsair’s iCUE software. Thus the “i” on its name.

Corsair’s HX series is available from 750W up to 1200W. Meanwhile, the HXi series is available in 1000W and 1500W.

HX Key Features

  • Fully Modular Cabling
  • Triple EPS12V Connectors
  • 140mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Fan
  • CORSAIR iCUE Software Support for HXi series
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode
  • 80 PLUS Platinum Certified
  • 100% Japanese 105°C Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Modern Standby Compatible
  • Fully Digital Platform
  • Ten-Year Warranty

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Corsair HX Series modular PSUs are available on here.
Corsair HXi Series modular PSUs are available on here.

The AX PSU Series – The Flagship PSU For High-End Systems

corsair ax and axi psu series

Corsair has released several AX PSUs in the past. So you might encounter “older” AX PSUs in retail stores. If I am not mistaken, Corsair only has the AX850 and AX1000, and the AX 1600i PSUs are their latest AX series models. These PSUs are built with top-quality components and deliver precise and stable power delivery. The AX series boasts the highest energy efficiency certification – 80 PLUS Titanium rating, ensuring up to 94%+ energy efficiency. AX PSUs are designed for users who demand the utmost power delivery and efficiency for their high-performance systems.

Meanwhile, the AXi series takes the AX series to the next level with added features and advanced control capabilities. The AXi PSUs offer digital control and monitoring options through Corsair’s Corsair Link software. Similar to the HXi series, it allows users to monitor power consumption, adjust fan speeds, and even control voltage regulation and other parameters through software interfaces. The AXi series is ideal for users who want precise control over their PSU and the ability to fine-tune and monitor power delivery and system performance.

AX(i) Key Features

  • Fully Modular
  • CORSAIR iCUE Software Support for AXi
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode
  • DSP, GaN Totem Pole PFC for AXi
  • 80 PLUS Titanium Certified
  • 100% Japanese 105°C Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Ten-Year Warranty

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Corsair AX 850W modular PSU is available on here.
Corsair AXi 1600W modular PSU is available on here.

The SF Series – For Small Form Factor Builds

Last but not least (well, in size it is the smallest), is Corsair’s SF series. When it comes to constructing a small form-factor (SFF) PC, size isn’t the sole consideration. SFF PCs encounter unique cooling hurdles due to limited space, which restricts airflow. Unlike larger systems, you can’t rely on numerous fans to address this issue. That’s where the CORSAIR SF SERIES PSUs come into play. These PSUs are certified with up to 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency, alleviating the burden on your case temperatures even within the confines of a compact size limitation.

Basically, Corsair’s SF PSUs are designed for SFF systems. It is available in SF 750W or SFX-L 850W and 1000W if you need more power. Note that while the SF750 is 80 Plus Platinum certified, the SFX-L PSUs are only 80 Plus Gold certified.

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Corsair SF 750W modular PSU is available on here.
Corsair SFX-L modular PSUs are available on here.

TL;DR – Corsair CX vs RM vs HX vs AX and SF PSUs

If you are on a budget and the system you are building is entry to mid-level, the CX PSU series would suffice. If you have a better budget, you can choose from the RM or HX series. The RM series is the mainstream option, and if I am not mistaken, it’s currently the only series with updated models (ATX 3.0 support, etc.). Finally, if you demand the best and are building a high-end water-cooled workstation or gaming machine, the AX(i) series is the best choice. The SF and SFX-L PSUs are a no-brainer and the only option if you are building a small form factor machine that usually requires a small and compact PSU due to the size of the chassis.

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