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Corsair RM vs HX vs AX Modular PSUs – What’s the Difference and Which Should You Buy?

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Corsair is well known for producing high quality and reliable Memory, Gaming Case, Power Supplies and many more. Corsair has recently released their latest lineup of modular power supplies, the RM series. The new Corsair RM series are fully modular Power supplies and are 80 Plus Gold certified. They also feature silent operation and Zero RPM Fan mode (fans will only turn when it hits a certain percentage of load). And they are cheaper compared to the HX and AX series. So if you are planning to buy one, you might be wondering, if the Corsair RM and HX have the same features, why are the RM cheaper, and which one should you buy?

corsair rm vs hx vs ax modular psu
UPDATE: Corsair has released another line of modular PSUs. This time it’s even cheaper than the RM series – the Corsair CS 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply.

Corsair RM vs HX vs AX

Basically the new Corsair RM series modular power supplies replaced the TX series. It’s like an upgraded version of the TX lineup. The RM series features 80 Plus Gold certification, just like the HX series. But RM series comes with more wattage options and cheaper price tag compared to the HX and AX series.

Despite having similar features, the Corsair RM and HX are not made by the same manufacturer and they are not made with the same components. If the RM series comes with the cheaper price tag, this indicates that manufacturing cost is most probably cheaper as well than the HX series, and this might be due to the fact that the components used to manufacture the RM series are not the same with the HX and AX series.

Of course, there are other differences and some features that the RM series does and doesn’t have. For example; among the RM, HX and AX series only the HX series is not the fully modular PSU. Both RM and AX are full modular. I think the cables used are also not the same.

Meanwhile, the Corsair AX series remains as the top of the line modular power supply. It’s 80 PLUS Platinum certified and has features that both the RM and HX series doesn’t have. Not to mention, the AX series are built for high to extreme performance and are designed to handle extreme situations.

If we were to rank these three modular PSUs, the Corsair AX will be on top, followed by the HX series and then the RM series. The RM series are geared towards budget enthusiasts and system builders who are looking for a cheaper alternative than the HX series. So if you don’t overclock or if you do mild OC only, and you don’t have lots of power-hungry components installed in your system, the RM series would be enough for you. Meanwhile the HX and AX series are geared towards mainstream and high end users who really push their system, or have lots of components installed. Compared to a generic power supplies, the RM still series is still a better option IMHO. Below is a table comparing their different manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

This is an old article and the prices below may not reflect the current prices anymore. For the latest pricing and availability of these Corsair PSU’s kindly visit the links below:

Corsair RX Power Supplies available here
Corsair HX Power Supplies available here
Corsair AX Power Supplies available here

CapacityCorsair RMCorsair HXCorsair AX
760W / 760i W$179.99 / $209.99
860W / 860i W$199.99 / $229.99
1200i W$349.99

So which one will you buy, the Corsair RM or HX or AX modular PSU? Let me know what your thoughts about these three PSUs below. Currently I’m using Corsair HX750 and I don’t have plans on downgrading to RM series or upgrading to AX series anytime soon. But I am planning to build a mini-ITX for gaming or HTPC project, and I think the RM series would be a great option.

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