YEYIAN Odachi RTX 4090/4080 Prebuilt Gaming PC Now Available on Amazon

Yeyian RTX 40 Series Prebuilt - Odachi X13-02 (YPI-ODAX13-02)

YEYIAN Gaming, a California-based SI, recently released three new gaming PCs featuring NVIDIA’s latest RTX 4000 series GPU. If you’re looking for some of the best RTX 4090 prebuilt gaming PC or RTX 4080 prebuilt, you might want to look at Yeyian’s latest products. Not only are they powered with the latest RTX 40 series …

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Zotac MEK HERO G1 AMD Prebuilt Gaming PC with RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 GPU

Zotac MEK HERO G1 Prebuilt Gaming PC

Zotac recently released a new line of prebuild gaming PC – the Zotac MEK HERO G1 series. Unlike the previous MEK series, the new HERO G1 series doesn’t look aggressive in design. And it’s powered with AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 5800X or Ryzen 5 5600X processor. These two are currently some of the most popular (gaming) CPUs in the market, thanks to …

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COLORFUL iGame M600 Mirage Desktop Gaming PC Unleashed – 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs and RTX 30-Series Graphics

Colorful Technology recently announced its latest prebuilt desktop gaming PC – the Colorful iGame M600 Mirage. It is powered by Intel’s latest 11th Gen Core CPU and paired with NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics card. Design-wise, the iGame M600 looks stylish, elegant, and sleek. But somebody has to do something with that (unattractive) single DDR4 …

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MSI Desktop Gaming PC with RTX 3090 GPU and 11th Gen Intel Core CPU Announced

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 11th desktop pc

MSI recently announced that their (prebuilt) gaming desktop PCs are now powered with the latest 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake processors. These desktop PCs are also equipped with the latest NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics card, up to an RTX 3090 depending on the model. They also support PCIe Gen 4 interface, NVIDIA Resizable BAR, …

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Henry Cavill Builds His Gaming PC – Here are the Specs of his PC

By now, I’m guessing many of you are aware that Henry Cavill is into PC. Not Xbox, not Playstation. He’s PC Master Race, ouh! Recently, on his Instagram account, he posted a video of him building a gaming PC for the first time. That’s right folks, this is his first gaming PC that he personally …

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Corsair Vengeance 5182 Gaming PC Now Available – Packs 9th Gen Intel i7 CPU and GeForce RTX 2070 Super

Corsair Vengeance 5182 gaming pc with rtx 2070 super

Corsair recently released several new pre-built desktop PCs; and one of them is the new Corsair Vengeance 5182 Gaming PC. The Vengeance Gaming PC lineup is Corsair’s pre-built gaming PC that is similar to a custom-built gaming system. Unlike the Corsair One Series with its compact and professional-looking design, the Vengeance 5182 gaming PC is …

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Corsair Vengeance 5180 Gaming PC Unleashed – See Features, Specs and Price

Corsair recently announced their latest pre-built gaming PC – the Corsair Vengeance 5180 Gaming PC. The Vengeance 5180 is powered with an 8th gen Intel Core i7-8700 six-core processor that is cooled by one of Corsair’s AIO liquid CPU cooler. Although the Vengeance 5180 is not rocking the latest 9th Gen Intel Core CPU, its …

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Zotac MEK Mini and MEK Ultra to be Unveiled at Computex 2018

Zotac will be unveiling a number of new desktop PCs that come in various sizes at Computex 2018; from Nano, to Mini to full sized-tower desktop PC. The company will be unveiling the Zotac MEK MINI and MEK Ultra gaming desktop PCs. These gaming PCs follows the success of their predecessor the MEK1, a compact …

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