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Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphone Review, That Smooth Bass

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The Master & Dynamic MH40 is an over-ear headphone that first surfaced some time last year. It’s the company’s current flagship and is geared towards music lovers and audiophiles alike. Master & Dynamic, a New York city based company, is basically a new comer in the headphone industry. But the company didn’t enter the market without a product that can compete and may even surpass its competitors. The MH40 headphone has been with me for several months. In fact I should have published this review several months ago. But I decided to listen with it more, pairing it with different sources, DACs and AMPs, and burning it properly to fully reach its driver’s potential. Today, let’s take a closer look and find out what this headphone is capable of and how does it sound. Please continue reading our Master & Dynamic MH40 headphone review below.

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Master & Dynamic MH40 Review

Most probably you have already encountered the name Grado, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, V-Moda and etc. And most probably you are already using one of their headphones. This may be your first time to encounter Master & Dynamic. Let me introduce the company first.

“Master & Dynamic is a new luxury brand in the audio space (headphones, earphones, wireless speakers), purpose-built for the creative professional. Our passion is building beautifully designed, technically sophisticated sound tools for creative minds.

Founded by a serial entrepreneur (Jonathan Levine) and a diverse team of New York’s finest creative minds/agencies, Master & Dynamic combines experienced, successful leadership with a highly skilled, motivated and fast moving team. Our creative, digital and pr agencies are a tight extension of our internal creative hub. We have an entrepreneurial and yet highly collaborative design driven culture and are crafting a luxury brand experience.”

Master & Dynamic has already released two headphones and several earphones, namely the over-ear MH40, on-ear MH30 and the ME05, ME03 and ME01 in-ear headphones. But let’s just focus on the MH40 for now.

The Master & Dynamic MH40 is a meticulously and beautifully crafted over-ear headphone made from premium materials. According to the company, it’s “tuned to provide a rich and warm sound” and was “designed to be the modern thinking cap, a tool to help you focus and tune into your work while tuning out the world around you.”

The MH40 headphone is basically a mixture of aluminum body, stainless steel components, cowhide, and soft lambskin to produce a very sturdy headphone that is also comfortable to wear. Master & Dynamic uses a custom 45mm neodymium drivers, that powers the MH40, to provide that rich and warm sound signature.

Don’t worry if you don’t like the color Brown/Silver color like what I got here. The MH40 is available in 5 different colors, namely: Silver metal / Brown leather, Silver metal / Navy leather, Black metal / Navy leather, Gunmetal / Black leather and Black metal / Black leather.

I’ll discuss more of its features as we take a closer look at the headphone on the next page.

Features and Specifications

  • Premium Grain Leather Headband with Lambskin Interior
  • Removable/Replaceable Memory Foam Ear Pads with Lambskin Covering
  • Forged Aluminum Body
  • Audio Input /Output: 3.5mm Cable Jack
  • Adjustment Post
  • Stainless Steel Components including: Earcup Harness, Hinge, Adjustment Post
  • Mute Button (Press in to mute. Press again to unmute)
  • Premium Leather Inlay
  • Audio Input/Output: 3.5mm Cable Jack for Audio Sharing
  • Magnetized Ear Pads
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 185mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 360g
  • Sound Profile: Dynamic, Closed
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Drivers: 45mm Neodymium High-Performance
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