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Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon

yakuza 7 like a dragon

This article is for those who want to join the franchise after recent announcements. The latest game in the franchise is Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon. The developers have made many changes — from the main character to the general mechanics of the game — to freshen up the series and set a new tone for it. And they succeeded, albeit with flaws.

The plot starts on the eve of the new millennium. Our hero — Ichiban Kasuga — is an ordinary fighter of the Arakawa clan. Everything was going well, but on the first day of the 21st century, the boss of the family asks Ichiban to go to jail instead of his son. The hero agrees and leaves after 18 years — in a completely new world.

What’s Special in the Game?

It is worth saying right away about the main character — Ichiban Kasuga is a great person. If you like games with well-developed characters, find out more about them right away. Back to the main character. He is cheerful, moderately thoughtful, and serious — he serves as the player’s guide to this story. At the same time, Kasuga can give out such a range of emotions that the player will look at the whole scene with tears in their eyes. But, unlike Kiryu, Ichiban is not alone. Throughout the game, we will collect comrades who will help us in the fight against the Omi Alliance.

But the most important thing that happened to the game is a complete change in the combat system and everything next to it. Now, Yakuza is not a beat’m’up — it’s an RPG with social features. If you feel more comfortable — Persona. All this is explained by the fact that Ichiban is a fan of Dragon Quest and presents all fights in this style.

In the game, we walk in a party of 4 comrades. Each of the heroes can have their own profession — here, they approached this creatively, and instead of, for example, the Healer — we have a Pop Idol. Each of the professions gives the character a certain set of skills that can be combined in battle. Well, the usual special moves have become even crazier — we have not used the orbital laser in the series before. As a result, this system refreshed the game quite well, as did the social element — Ichiban needs to improve his skills to better communicate with people and get girls.

yakuza 7 like a dragon gameplay

But still, there are a few downsides. The first and main one is a gap in pumping. At one point in the story, you will be at level 42 and the boss at level 50. And if you don’t know this in advance, you will be very angry. And this is not the only grindwall — at one point, you will need to earn 3 million yen to continue the story.

The second disadvantage is grinding — yes, it appears in all games of this type, but here it will be monstrous if you want to close the final test. Since you will need the maximum parameters for your heroes, along with the most pumped unique weapons — and this will take you a lot of time.

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