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March, 2016

  • 16 March

    Asus TUF Echelon GTX 950 Limited Edition Graphics Card Unleashed – See Specs, Features and Price

    Asus recently introduced another variation of the GeForce GTX 950 – the new Asus TUF Echelon GTX 950 Limited Edition; featuring an arctic camouflage design for its front shroud and backplate, and military-grade TUF components. Early this month, Asus introduced a 75W GTX 950 that is powered entirely by the PCIe slot. Now, it’s a TUF version of the GTX …

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  • 15 March

    AMD Radeon Pro Duo Unleashed – See Specs, Features and Price

    AMD recently introduced their new flagship graphics card during their Capsaicin event – the AMD Radeon Pro Duo. The said graphics card was first dubbed as the R9 Fury X2 when it was first shown in public by AMD CEO Lisa Su last year. Although they are the same graphics card, the new AMD Radeon Pro Duo’s PCB design and …

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  • 12 March

    HiFiMAN HE400S Review – Best Sub $300 Open-Back Headphone?

    HiFiMAN HE400s Planar Headphone Review

    HiFiMAN is popular and known for their Planar Magnetic headphones. I think the old HE400 is one of their most popular planar magnetic headphones that have captured the ears of the many. Sometime in mid-2015, the company released a budget friendly planar headphone called the HiFiMAN HE400S. We got our sample early this year and now we are ready to …

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  • 11 March

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Specifications and Released Date (Rumor)

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Specs and Release Date

    Most of us are waiting for the next generation graphics card and we are expecting them to feature the latest HBM2 technology, as well as GDDR5X for some models. Recently, specifications and release date of a certain NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card surfaced online thanks to BenchLife. While many are still skeptical about the new information and credibility of …

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  • 10 March

    Zotac MAGNUS EN980 Mini PC Powered with GTX 980 Discrete GPU

    Zotac MAGNUS EN980 Mini PC with GeForce GTX 980 GPU

    Early this year, there were several gaming laptops (like the MSI GT72S) that were released on the market powered by a GeForce GTX 980 discrete graphics processor. Yes, not the GTX 980M but a GTX 980 similar performance with a desktop GTX 980. It won’t be long until we see the same technology used on a mini PC. Today, Zotac …

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