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HiFiMAN Is Running A Clearance Sale – Up To 53% Off From Its Premium Headphones

HiFiMAN is currently running a clearance sale offering up to 53% discount. You probably think this sale only applies to their entry to mid-level headphones. Fortunately not, as HiFiMAN is discounting its flagship headphones, the HE1000 series, by up to 53%. They are also discounting their popular Arya Stealth and some mid-range lineup, like the Ananda Stealth and Edition XS. I’m unsure how long this clearance sale will last or if the price reduction is permanent. However, I noticed that on Amazon, some of these discounted prices are not reflected as a discount but as their current retail prices. Check out more details below.

hifiman clearance sale 2023

HiFiMAN Discounts Its Headphones – Up to 53% Off

The headphones that got huge discounts are HiFiMAN’s HE1000 series headphones. The HE1000s are the company’s flagship headphones, top-of-the-line and the best that the company has to offer. The series includes the HE1000se, HE1000 V2, and HE1000 Stealth. As you can see from the photo, the HE1000se is 43% off, while the HE1000 V2 and Sealth got the largest discount of 53% off.

Meanwhile, the Arya Stealth, which we reviewed before, also got a substantial discount of 38% off its original MSRP. This brings the Arya Stealth into the sub-1000 headphones. I’m guessing HiFiMAN is doing this to clear the current stocks and make way for the new Arya Stealth Organic.

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hifiman clearance sale 2023

Aside from the high-end open-back planar magnetic headphones, HiFiMAN is also discounting some of its mid-range headphones. The HE-R9 wired headphone got the most substantial discount of 67%, while the Edition XS got the least discount, only 10% off its retail price. The Edition XS is also one of HiFiMAN’s popular headphones.

Ananda Stealth got a 45% off, and the newer Sundara closed-back headphone got a 43% off. Perhaps some of these headphones got a lackluster sale despite the many (positive) reviews.

However, I have tried the Sundara closed-back, and with its original $399 price tag, I think it would be a hard sell. I wasn’t particularly impressed with its sound signature or characteristics, and I don’t think it was worth $399. It’s nice to see HiFiMAN discounting the Sundara closed.

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