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Sennheiser Accentum Plus Released, An Improved Accentum Wireless Headphones

Five months ago, Sennheiser released its Accentum wireless headphones. It took only a short time until the company released a new and improved version of the Accentum. Meet the new Sennheiser Accentum Plus Wireless Bluetooth headphones. So, what’s new?

The main difference between the older Accentum and the new Accentum Plus is that the latter accepts wired connection, aside from Bluetooth. The Accentum Plus also features touch controls instead of physical buttons. It also features adaptive ANC, while the Accentum uses hybrid ANC. Design-wise, both are similar. However, regarding sound quality, the Accentum Plus offers improved sound quality overall, offering a cleaner, more transparent, and richer sound than the Accentum. The Accentum Plus is now available on Amazon here. You can check out more details from the news release below.

Sennheiser ​ACCENTUM Plus Now Available

Sennheiser’s all-new ACCENTUM Plus – “The upgrade you need for all-day adventures in sound”

ACCENTUM Plus offers the endurance and controls needed for endless content enjoyment, drawing on Sennheiser’s sound expertise. Touch gestures, Hybrid Adaptive Noise Cancellation, and high-quality construction enhance the headphone experience affordably.

Boasting 50 hours of battery life and sound comparable to wired headphones, ACCENTUM Plus makes it easy to overlook its wireless nature. These Bluetooth® 5.2 headphones focus on excellent sound and flexible connections, supporting all major codecs like aptX™ Adaptive to ensure top sound quality wherever you go.

These headphones’ custom 37mm dynamic transducer uses Sennheiser’s Sound Personalisation mode, adapting to your audio preferences based on over 75 years of sound expertise while maintaining the brand’s signature bass and detail. The Adaptive ANC feature is great for commuters, adjusting to ambient noise changes, minimizing distractions, and letting you focus on the finer details of your audio.

Accentum Plus Features Touch Controls

ACCENTUM Plus offers two main control methods: an intuitive touch panel and a companion app that uses gestures like taps and swipes for volume, media controls, and transparency mode. This lets you either keep using your device or put it away completely. The touch-enabled earcup, also found in the flagship MOMENTUM series, provides instant access to features without the need to find buttons or navigate menus.

For frequent callers, automatic wind reduction and adjustable side-tone make calls clear and distraction-free. Multipoint connectivity allows for smooth switching between Bluetooth devices without having to reconnect.

The Smart Control App enhances the headphone experience by managing Bluetooth connections, adjusting the 5-band EQ, and tweaking various audio settings, all through a straightforward interface that’s easy to use on the go. It also lets users save personalized presets, which is handy when you switch smartphones or change your listening preferences.

Quick Charge Feature

ACCENTUM Plus has long-lasting battery life and features a “quick charge” that gives you an extra 5 hours of playtime in just 10 minutes. You can also listen to music from devices like laptops using the included USB-C cable while charging. This turns the headphones into an audio interface for listening and talking. The extended battery life means fewer charges over the headphone’s life, reducing electronic waste and supporting Sennheiser’s dedication to sustainability.

The Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus offers long playtime and comfort. The padding on the earcups and headband shapes to your head, ensuring a stable and gentle fit. When you can’t use wireless, there’s an audio cable with a 3.5mm plug for connecting to in-flight entertainment or other devices. ACCENTUM Plus also folds flat and has a zip case to keep your headphones and accessories tidy during travel.

Sennheiser ​ACCENTUM Plus Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Pricing and Availability

The Sennheiser ​ACCENTUM Plus is now available in Black and White. It comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $229.95. Meanwhile, the (older) Accentum is currently selling at a discounted price of $149.95. For the latest pricing and availability, kindly follow the links below.

Where to buy: (#ad)
Accentum Plus Wireless Headphone is available on Amazon here.
Accentum Wireless Headphone is available on Amazon here.

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