A Few Tablets For Your Consideration in 2020

It’s a relatively new year which means as a consumer you might be wanting to treat yourself to a new product in 2020 and kickstart what will undoubtedly be another year of technological innovation and various creations that we all really want. When it comes to tablets, it really does depend on what you want to use one for. Plenty of people use tablets for keeping on top of any emails that come in, some use their tablet for surfing the web, alongside others who might use a tablet for gaming, be it to play popular creations like online games, or other games such as Pokemon Go or Minecraft. Essentially, there’s no right or wrong way to use a tablet, and we can all use our own one however we wish, but there are a few differences in some.

With 2020 firmly underway, we thought we’d highlight a few tablets you should consider this year. With the endless technological advancements we are living through, we’re in for a real treat once again this year it seems.

5 Tablets to Consider This 2020

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

tablets for 2020 - apple ipad pro 12.9
Apple isn’t for everyone, but it certainly appeals to most people on the market. Their sales are frankly ridiculous, and the desire from some to simply jump on board the Apple bandwagon is astonishing. The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is the sort of device which makes you realise exactly why Apple has garnered up such huge interest. Unbelievably powerful and slick, and with excellent battery life, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is their largest and most powerful creation yet. A particular highlight is its powerful A12X Bionic processor coupled with Apple’s great new Apple Pencil, too. Considered by many experts to be the best tablet on the market, Apple has done it again.

iPad Pro 11

tablets for 2020 - apple ipad Pro 11
Yes, another Apple tablet, we know. But we simply couldn’t leave this device off the list. Despite being much smaller than other Apple devices on the market, the iPad Pro 11 packs one hell of a punch still. With its serious processing power, you can pretty much play any game on it, alongside doing usual tasks with its neat functionality and all-round tidy design. Smaller in size – 11-inches to be precise – the iPad Pro 11 is a great option.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

tablets for 2020 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
More of an Android fan than iPadOS? Well, this one could be for you. The very best tablet that’s powered by Google software, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is incredibly powerful and is a beautiful looking machine too. Samsung has improved the S Pen once again, which makes using the device better than ever before. The tablet also has a dual-lens rear camera which is a neat little addition. Overall, this a tablet well worth your time and money.

Microsoft Surface Go

tablets for 2020 - Microsoft Surface Go
Microsoft is continually pushing boundaries and looking to evolve with time, and this device is symbolic of that. Not as sophisticated as an iPad or a Samsung tablet for many, the Microsoft Surface Go is still an incredibly impressive proposition. A slick-looking device, this compact machine has solid internal hardware and runs Windows 10, which is fairly rare. If you’re after an affordable alternative on the market, then the Microsoft Surface Go fits the bill.

Google Pixel Slate

tablets for 2020 - Google Pixel Slate
An easy to use tablet, the Google Pixel Slate transforms into a makeshift Chromebook with an additional keyboard accessory. With both Chrome OS and Android working reasonably well together, this fantastic looking device has an excellent looking display and is very user-friendly.

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