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Avexir Raiden DDR4 Memory Review – The Memory with Lightning Effect

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Avexir Raiden DDR4 Price and Availability

The Avexir Raiden Series DDR4 memory kits are now available, including the DDR3 variant. However, availability might be one of its problems since it’s not widely available unlike other memory kits from the competition. If you are coming from a different region or country, you can check Avexir’s page on where to buy.

At the time I published this review, I can’t find the same kit available on Newegg. However, there is a Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB (2x8GB) kit that is currently listed and priced at $299.99. I’m not sure if the 4x4GB variant will be priced a tad higher compared to the 2x8GB variant.

Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-18

Avexir Raiden DDR4 Memory Review: Conclusion

The Avexir Raiden DDR4 is truly a unique memory module. It works and performs just like any high performance memory in the market, but with added bling or eye candy on it. The plasma tube, that gives its lightning effect, is a head turner and can definitely catch attention. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Raiden series and whether you should get one or not.

First, let’s start with the cons of the Raiden series. The number one disadvantage I see with this memory kit is its pricing and availability. At the time I published this article, a Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB (2x8GB) kit costs around $299. I checked other DDR4-2800 16GB kits available in the market and they cost (significantly) cheaper than the Raiden DDR4. I’m not really surprised since the added plasma tube per stick will surely add cost. However, availability of the Raiden series is very limited at this time. Second, it’s also tall like really tall, almost double the height of two DDR4 memory sticks with low profile heatsink. If you are using a CPU air cooler with a large heatsink, there’s a big chance that the Raiden will get in the way of the mounted fan or the heatsink itself. Finally, since the color of the Raiden series are white and blue, it doesn’t look quite well with the more popular red/black theme. The good news is Avexir also released a red/black version of the Raiden, called the Red Tesla (ROG Certified) memory kits.

Avexir Red Tesla DDR4 Memory ROG Certified Avexir Red Tesla DDR4 Memory

This one is not a con, but rather my personal nitpick. I think the white portion area on the Raiden is a bit plain or rather unembellished. It’s nice that Avexir has an engraved logo on both sides, but there’s still a lot of white area. Unlike with the Red Tesla where you get the cool ROG pattern.

Now let’s talk about the pros of the Raiden series. It’s definitely a unique memory and you don’t usually see a memory with lightning effect on it. It feels like the electricity is really flowing in and out of the memory. Although how the “lightning” behaves inside the tube has nothing to do or indicate the memory’s load or performance. Second, it performs quite well and I was able to overclock it further up to 3000MHz easily. It’s not the fastest DDR4-2800 memory kit, yet it’s also not a poor performer. This particular kit works better on an X99 system, but can also be used on a Z170 motherboard.

The Avexir Raiden DDR4 memory kit is a niche product. Even though it is a high performance memory, I don’t think it is intended to break (overclocking) world records but rather for show. It’s geared towards enthusiasts, PC gamers and specially the modders who are looking to spice up their project/build or gaming rig. To wrap things up, the Avexir Raiden DDR4 memory is a good solid performing memory kit. The plasma tube is quite a unique feature that adds value, not to mention cost as well, and will surely satisfy your desire to have something new and unique on your system. If you have a matching system color scheme and the budget as well, you might consider getting a kit to make your system look cool and your friends drool.


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