Corsair ONE i500 Prebuilt Gaming PC Is A Powerhouse With A Minor Flaw

Corsair recently released its latest and fastest prebuilt gaming PC yet, the Corsair ONE i500 Gaming PC. Powering the i500 is the latest Intel Core i9 14900K CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 or RTX 4080 Super GPU. Unlike Corsair’s previous compact gaming PC, the new ONE i500 has a wood faceplate and is available in bright (light) and dark colors. Reviews for the ONE i500 also went live and were positive overall. However, there is one minor flaw that some reviewers have pointed out, and I noticed some mismatches in the components used. What are they? Read on.

corsair one i500 prebuilt gaming pc dark and bright wood

Corsair ONE i500 Features Latest Core i9-14900K CPU and RTX 4090 or 4080 Super GPU

Corsair’s ONE i500 prebuilt PC has the latest and fastest components designed for gamers, content creators, and AI professionals. It features an Intel Core i9 14900K processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 or RTX 4080 Super graphics card. Both the CPU and GPU are liquid-cooled using a custom loop AIO cooler. A 120mm AIO CPU cooler cools the CPU, while a 240mm AIO cooler cools the graphics card.

For memory and storage, it uses Corsair’s DDR5 memory and a 2TB NVMe SSD. The DDR5 memory does not have RGB lighting since you won’t see it, but it does feature an all-black heatsink. Corsair uses an MSI MAG B760M Mortar WiFi mATX motherboard, but if I am not mistaken, it has a custom Corsair BIOS. However, you can add an additional SSD to the first M.2 slot for extra storage expansion. Aside from the SSD, you can also upgrade the memory capacity up to 192GB if needed.

corsair one i500 disassembly

Designed-wise, the CORSAIR ONE i500 PC features a sleek aluminum case with FSC-certified real wood panels, each showcasing a unique natural grain. Its design seamlessly blends into any modern workspace or gaming setup.

The CORSAIR ONE i500 offers customizable underglow and front-panel lighting, allowing you to personalize your setup. It includes a touch-sensor spotlight for the rear I/O, making it easy to locate the various high-performance connectivity options.

So Far So Good, What’s The Issue Then?

First of all, why use a K-series CPU on a B760 motherboard? A Z790 motherboard is more appropriate for a K series CPU. According to Corsair, a Z790 mATX motherboard is not available, so they have to resort to MSI’s B760. If that’s the case, it would be much better if they used a Core i9-14900 CPU instead of the 14900K. The B760 motherboard only limits the Core i9-14900K’s potential.

Second, this is not really an issue, but something to note or consider before getting one. While users can upgrade the memory and storage, you can’t upgrade the CPU since the 14th-gen Core series is the last that the current 700 series motherboards will support. The next-gen 15th-gen Core processors will use a different socket type, and they will not be compatible with the current Intel motherboards.

Another concern about upgradability is with the graphics cards. Surely, this system will be able to handle NVIDIA’s next-generation RTX 50 series GPUs, like the RTX 5090. However, since the graphics card is water-cooled, the GPU water block may not be compatible with the upcoming graphics cards.

According to Corsair, users must send it to them if they need to upgrade the graphics card. But if Corsair doesn’t make a compatible GPU water block and AIO loop for the ONE i500 by the time NVIDIA releases the RTX 50 series GPUs, then you are stuck with whatever graphics card the system has.

The third one is the noise and thermals.

corsair one i500 prebuilt pc full setup wood bright

Noise and Thermals Has Room For Improvements

If you want the absolute silent desktop PC, the Corsair ONE i500 may not be for you. At full load, the ONE i500 is audible, especially if you are running a CPU-intensive workload. It is very audible at around 50+ dBA while the fans run at full speed.

Depending on the workload, the CPU could get hot at around 70°C+ to really hot at around 85°C to 90°C. The noise and thermals could easily be fixed or reduced if Corsair only used a 240mm radiator for the CPU. The Core i9-14900K is a very hot-running CPU as it can consume more than 250W of power. Alternatively, Corsair could also use larger/thicker or better 120mm fans to cool the radiator and its inside.

Fortunately, since a 240mm radiator cools the graphics card, the GPU runs cooler even at full load. Temperatures are at a very acceptable range. However, Corsair is not using a full-coverage water block. It means that only the GPU and memory are actively cooled. The cold plate doesn’t cover the VRM and MOSFETs area, and there’s also no heatsink to cool these components passively.

corsair one i500 prebuilt pc full setup wood dark

Is the Corsair ONE i500 Prebuilt PC Worth It?

Despite its minor flaws, the Corsair ONE i500 undeniably delivers performance and is one of the fastest prebuilt gaming PCs available. Regarding aesthetics, while subjective, it does look sleek, elegant, and clean.

Other RTX 4090 prebuilt gaming PCs are on the market, but they don’t have the aesthetics and design that Corsair offers. Just note that you can’t upgrade the CPU to next-gen, and upgrading the GPU is still questionable at this point.

If you need a fast prebuilt gaming PC, the Corsair ONE i500 is worth considering. If you are torn between the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 Super versions or need an idea of how fast these GPUs are, please find some references below. We have tested and reviewed both graphics cards, which will give you an idea of how fast these GPUs are for gaming.

Pricing and Availability

The Core ONE i500 Gaming PC with RTX 4080 Super comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3,599.99. You can get one from Amazon here. Meanwhile, the RTX 4090 Corsair ONE i500 has 64GB of memory and an MSRP of $4699.99. It is available from Corsair’s webstore here.

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