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Does Your Internet Meet the Demands of Remote Work?

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There’s been a huge rise in the number of workers working from home in recent years, and that’s a trend that looks set to continue in the future. After all, workers love it — who doesn’t enjoy having no commute, and having the option to work from wherever they want? Studies have also shown that productivity remains the same — and sometimes even improves — which means remote work has the support of (most) bosses, too.

To work well from home, you will almost certainly need an internet connection. And not just any internet connection, but a good one. You can do basic work with a slow connection, but when it comes time to get real work done, you’ll need a sharp and snappy connection that loads web pages quickly.

And did you know that may be easier to achieve in some states than others? One of the joys of remote work is that you can move more or less anywhere in the country, and still work for companies that are located elsewhere. But if you’re planning to move to Alaska, Maine, or Montana, you may want to think twice if your work requires fast internet. Those states have the slowest internet in the country. But good news for anyone who likes the idea of living and working remotely in Maryland, Virginia, or Rhode Island: the internet there is as fast as it comes.

Need some guidance on which states are best to move to, internet-wise? Check out the handy infographic from below.

remote-work-fastest-slowest-states-internet-speed-infographic copy

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