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Intel Skylake-U CPU Lineup Revealed, See Features and Specifications

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Now that the 6th Generation Intel Skylake processors for desktop have been released, it’s time for the ultra-low power processor to replace the current Broadwell and Haswell mobile processors. FanlessTech recently revealed some slides showing the upcoming Intel Core Skylake-U CPU lineup, featuring a Thermal Design Power of only 15W which can still be reduced all the way down to 7.5W (on some CPUs). There are a total of 8 processors and all of them have two physical cores and 4 threads. These processors are for socket BGA and they are designed for Ultrabooks, Notebooks, Tablets, mini-PCs, fanless desktops, and the likes. Check out more details from the leak slides below.

Intel Skylake-U Processors-02

Intel Skylake-U Processor Lineup Detailed

The Intel Core i7-6600U leads the pack of the Skylake-U processors. It features two cores / 4 threads and has a base clock speed of 2.60GHz with maximum Turbo speed of 3.20GHz to 3.40GHz. It comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 520, has 4MB L3 cache, supports both 1866 DDR4 and 1600 DDR3L memory and has a TDP of only 15W. The i7-6600U is followed by the i7-6500U which has a slightly lower clock speed. Then we have the Core i5-6300U and Core i5-6200U which features the same integrated graphics and TDP, but comes with a sub 3GHz clock speed. Finally, at the bottom of the Core family is the Core i3-6100U with a base clock speed of only 2.30GHz and no Turbo speed.

Intel Skylake-U Processors-01

Aside from the Core series, the Skylake-U also has the Intel Pentium 4405U, Intel Celeron 3955U and Celeron 3855U. These three processors come with an integrated HD Graphics 510, and a base clock speed of only 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz. If you examine the table showing the U-Processor Line, the naming scheme is actually easy to follow. Expect that these Skylake-U processors will become available (most of them) by Q1 of 2016. Expect also new models of Ultrabooks and Notebooks to be released by then.

Intel Skylake-U Processors-03

Source: FanlessTech

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