Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphone Review – Best Wireless Headphone?

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Sound Quality and Subjective Listening

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When I first learned about the release of the MW60, one thing came into my mind: how did it sound like? I have already reviewed the MH40, so I was quite intrigue if the MW60 sounded (a little bit) different or not. For those of you who already owned an MH40, to my ears, the MW60 sounded just the same (or at least) very similarly with the MH40. I feel that the MH40 is a wireless version of the MH40 with some improvements on the design.

Since the company opted to use the same driver with the same sound signature on the MW60, this could only mean that many people really liked the MH40’s SQ. I personally liked the clear and warm sound of the MH40 and enjoyed that same sound in the MW60.

If you don’t have any idea about its sound signature yet, let me break it down to you. I tested the MW60 wireless headphone with my iPhone 5 for wired and wireless connection, and I also tested it on my desktop PC with an iFi Micro iDSD DAC/AMP as the source. The MW60 is rated at 32 ohms so you don’t really need an amplifier to make it sing, but for me using a better DAC and external Amplifier does come with benefits specially in terms of sound quality.

To my ears the Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphone (like the MH40) is a warm sounding headphone (no it’s not neutral sounding). Its closed-back design gives it the ability to have more bass presence but as expected sound stage is not quite huge, specially when compared to an open back headphone (like the HiFiMAN HE400s). The sound is clear and clean and there is beautiful balance between the bass, mids and highs.

The bass on the MW60 is smooth with a good amount of decay. It’s rich and full bodied; the bass goes deep and gives you that satisfying rumble. It’s no way muddy or boomy, the bass is controlled but it’s a little bit loose compared to the bass of the Bower & Wilkin’s P7. Both headphones sounded similarly by the way, with some few differences. I’m definitely no basshead, but I think the MW60 is bassy enough for most people to enjoy EDMs, dance and similar genres.

The mids on the MW60 are also smooth and detailed. I don’t think the mids are laid back or too forward, but I do find the artist’s voice a little bit warm sounding, smooth and captivating. The treble on the MW60 is a bit rolled off and lacks the extension. However, it is never edgy, piercing or sibilant. Details are still there, but not as well-defined and detailed compared to a neutral and natural sounding headphones like the Grado SR225e.

When in wireless mode, I could barely tell the difference between wired and wireless when sourced from my iPhone 5. But I’m using MP3 on my iPhone and not the usual lossless files I have on my desktop or DAPs.

Price and Availability

The Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphone is now available in the US and UK. At the time this article was published, it comes with a retail price of $549 in the US and around £418 in UK. You can order one directly from Master & Dynamic’s online store or from your favorite online store like B&H and Amazon. Currently, it’s available in Gunmetal/Black or Silver/Brown colors.

See latest pricing and availability of the MW60 wireless headphone at:
For US, B&H Photo Video here
For UK, it’s available on Amazon UK here

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Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphone Review: Conclusion

The Master & Dynamic MW60 retains the sound signature of the company’s first successful headphone – the MH40. But offers a more refined design and more functions. The MW60 wireless headphone is definitely made from premium materials and it’s really solid and sturdy. Just don’t let the metal parts make contact with other metal parts since it can get scratches easily. Like the MH40, the MW60’s sound is generally warm, smooth, and fun to listen with. It’s great for EDMs, dance or genres that require more bass presence. I’m not sure if bass-heads will find this headphone to their liking, not a basshead myself, but I think many people (specially the general consumer) would love its sound signature.

Aesthetically speaking, the MW60 is very nice looking, elegant and sleek. The ear pads are very smooth and comfortable, but I find the headband too narrow for my head. Wired connection is still better than wireless, but the wireless connection on the MW60 is surprisingly good. My only cavil with this headphone is its price. The $549 asking price is somewhat steep. There are other wireless headphones out there that are cheaper (and probably sounded better depending on your preference), but I guess you don’t get the same level of premium-ness that the MW60 is offering.

To wrap it up, if Bluetooth or wireless connection is your top priority, plus a touch of premium and sleek design, the Master & Dynamic MW60 is a great option for you and you should consider giving it a try. If you like how the MW60 sounds but price is steep for you, better consider getting the MH40 instead. They sound just the same to my ears, same premium materials and same solid build quality but without the wireless connection.


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