Saily, A Worldwide eSIM Service, is Coming, By NordVPN

Who would have thought that the developers of NordVPN would be working on a different project, one that is related to SIM (subscriber identity module). Recently, Nord Security announced that the devs of NordVPN, one of the leading VPN services in the market, are working on a new worldwide eSIM service. If I understood correctly, this eSIM can be used anywhere in the world where it is supported so that the user no longer needs to get a new SIM or eSIM whenever they travel abroad. It sounds like a useful service, especially for those frequently traveling abroad. They are calling this new eSIM service Saily. More details from the news release below.

NordVPNP Saily eSIM Service

Saily, a new eSIM solution, will be launched this quarter — early-access signup opens now

The team from NordVPN, a well-known digital privacy and security product, is developing a new global eSIM service called Saily. This product aims to make internet connections worldwide smooth and effortless. The app is set to launch later this year, and early access signups are now available.

According to Vykintas Maknickas, head of product strategy at Nord Security:
“With travel and remote work on the rise, an eSIM app is now more crucial than ever. Here at Nord Security, we believe that simple and affordable technology is of utmost importance. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Saily — an eSIM app that saves you time and money and even helps you avoid unpleasant situations,”.

Why would you need an eSIM?

eSIM cards are commonly used by travelers and remote workers to reduce roaming charges and access the internet globally. They can also be handy in one’s home country for obtaining an affordable data package after a prepaid plan expires. With an eSIM, users can easily purchase short- or long-term plans within minutes.

According to Vykintas Maknickas, head of product strategy at Nord Security:
“When traveling, you want to have continuous access to the internet, but that’s not always easy. Even if there’s a coffee shop nearby with an open Wi-Fi network, you don’t want to risk exposing your device to a network you’re not sure is secure. Saily will ensure you don’t need to use public Wi-Fi networks you don’t trust to access the internet,”.

Moreover, Saily will assist users in discovering cost-effective data plans in a centralized platform. Users can select from various countries and numerous plans to find the most suitable deals for their needs.

How to sign up for Saily?

Currently, Saily is in the internal testing phase, with the beta version anticipated to be launched in the first quarter. Early access signup is now open on Saily’s official website:

About Nord Security

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