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Patriot Signature DDR5 Memory Series Revealed

Patriot recently revealed its latest memory modules optimized for the latest 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake desktop CPUs and Z690 platform – the Patriot Signature DDR5 memory series. Patriot’s Signature DDR5 is the company’s “entry-level” DDR5 memory. It doesn’t come with any heatsink, and the memory speed is not that high. It’s available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB modules, with a memory speed of 4800MHz. Check out more details from the official news release below.

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PATRIOT reveals their Signature DDR5 Memory

PATRIOT™, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals, and flash storage solutions, is proud to announce their first DDR5 high-performance memory will be available in the market in November 2021. The Signature DDR5 memory is approximately 75% faster performance over similar high-end and overclocked DDR4 memory right out of the gate.

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The memory kit provides high-speed frequencies up to 4800MHz, with future versions ranging up to 8400MHz. The single modules are available in various capacities, from 8GB to 64GB, and the perfect choice for system integrators and those looking to expand their DDR5 system memory.

“We’ve been working jointly with motherboard makers to ensure our DDR5 memory product line has excellent stability and compatibility with INTEL’s latest ALDER LAKE desktop processor and Z690 platforms,” said Roger Shinmoto, the VP of PATRIOT Memory.

PATRIOT Signature DDR5 memory is designed to deliver a significant performance improvement. Only requiring 1.1V of power, Signature DDR5 offers lower power consumption and produces less heat despite the higher frequency of 4800Mhz. Further power improvements include an onboard Power Management IC (PMIC), which provides better control of local voltage regulation while offering increased threshold protection, simultaneous monitoring, INTELligent voltage, and power management supporting increased voltage tweaking and more comprehensive adjustment ranges.

Each Signature DDR5 module has onboard thermal sensors to monitor and protect against thermal issues and better overall reporting.

Build quality and stability are critical features to successful DRAM memory; An 8-layer black PCB is used on the PATRIOT Signature DDR5 memory for substantial signal integrity. In addition, the latest on-die ECC (Error-Correcting Code) further enhances the accuracy of the data processing and overall system stability. As a result, the PATRIOT Signature DDR5 memory promises to be a wise choice for system integrators and anyone looking to expand their DDR5 system memory, offering a wide range of capacities and configurations, allowing users to get the most from the new ALDER LAKE and Z690 platforms.

The PATRIOT Signature DDR5 memory is backed by a PATRIOT’s limited lifetime warranty and will be available in major retailers worldwide in November 2021.

Patriot Signature DDR5 Memory Features:

• Lower power consumption, only requiring 1.1v power input.
• High-quality power management IC onboard to ensure stable power transfer at high efficiency.
• Onboard temperature sensors monitor and protect from overheating.
• On-die ECC error checking capability to provide accurate data processing.
• Future module capacities up to 256GB per single stick.

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Patriot Signature DDR5 Memory Specifications

Patriot Signature DDR5 Memory Specifications
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