Cayin N30LE Digital Audio Player Released – Features Dual AK4499EQ DAC, Triple Timbre, Dual Amplifier Modes and More

Cayin N30LE DAP 30th Anniversary

Cayin is releasing a limited edition digital audio player featuring dual AK4499EQ DAC chips – the Cayin N30LE. Aside from the dual DAC, it will also feature dual amplifier modes, triple timbre, fully balanced circuitry, and more. A Snapdragon 665 SoC powers the N30LE and runs on a customized Android 12 OS. It also has … continue reading

Sony NW-ZX707 Premium Walkman and NW-306 Walkman Series Now Available – Features Steaming, Longer Battery Life, and Enhanced Sound Quality (Updated)

Sony NW-ZX707 DAP

After Sony announced its latest flagship portable digital audio player (DAP) mid-last year, the NW-WM1ZM2 And NW-WM1AM2, it was only a matter of time until Sony released a new version of its mid-range and entry-level DAPs. Meet the new Sony NW-ZX707 and NW-A306 Walkman series portable audio players. The NW-ZX707 succeeds the NW-ZX507, while the … continue reading

Sony Releases NW-WM1ZM2 and NW-WM1AM2 Portable Digital Music Players (Updated)

Sony NW-WM1ZM2

Back in 2016, Sony released its premium and top-of-the-line portable music player under the Signature Series, the NW-WM1Z, and the NW-WM1A Walkman digital music players. And after more than 5 years, Sony finally released its successors. Meet the new Sony NW-WM1ZM2 Signature Series Premium and NW- WM1AM2 Walkman Digital Music Player. There are several new … continue reading

Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman Quick Review and Sound Impressions vs Opus#1S DAP

I was able to get a chance to audition the Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman hi-res portable digital audio player. In this quick review, I’m going to share my sound impressions of the NW-ZX300 vs the Opus#1S. I’ll also include some of the ZX300’s features and specifications and my opinion whether it’s a good buy or not. … continue reading

Colorfly Pocket HiFi U8 Portable Digital Audio Player Announced – See Features and Specifications

Colorfly recently announced their latest flagship portable digital audio player – the Colorfly Pocket HiFi U8. It’s been a while since we last see Colorfly release a portable DAP. We usually see DAPs from the likes of Astell&Kern, Fiio, Sony, Cayin, The Bit’s Opus and many more. These company have been actively releasing one DAP … continue reading

Cayin i5 Master Quality Portable Digital Audio Player Review

Several months ago, Cayin announced and released their first ever Android based portable digital audio player in collaboration with HiBy Music – the Cayin i5 Master Quality Digital Audio Player. Digital audio players, or DAP for short, has been around for quite a number of years already. However, this year has become very interesting since … continue reading