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Cayin N30LE Digital Audio Player Released – Features Dual AK4499EQ DAC, Triple Timbre, Dual Amplifier Modes and More

Cayin is releasing a limited edition digital audio player featuring dual AK4499EQ DAC chips – the Cayin N30LE. Aside from the dual DAC, it will also feature dual amplifier modes, triple timbre, fully balanced circuitry, and more. A Snapdragon 665 SoC powers the N30LE and runs on a customized Android 12 OS. It also has a 6″ 1080×2160 display with a huge 12570mAh battery. It also has BT and WiFi wireless connectivity and supports audio formats from PCM up to DSD512. Check out more details from Cayin’s official news release below.

Cayin N30LE DAP 30th Anniversary

Cayin N30LE 30th Anniversary DAP Debuts Recently

N30LE, the top-of-line portable Digital Audio Player (DAP) from Cayin, recently made its worldwide debut at Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show last week to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the leading audio manufacturer.

Cayin decided to celebrate its 30th Anniversary by introducing a special limited edition DAP that brings its portable product line to the next level. The DAP is powered by a fully balanced headphone amplifier with a matched pair of KORG Nutube double triode vacuum tubes. It has incurred the renowned DAO (Dual Amplifier Operation, choice of Class A or Class AB) and Dual Output Mode (DOM, choice of standard Pmode and high power P+ mode), and introduced an all-new HYPER mode that delivers the ultimate performance of the discrete amplification circuit in the DAP.

Bin Liang, CEO of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., the parent company of Cayin Audio said:
“Cayin R&D team has devoted a lot of resources to develop our Gen3 vacuum tube audio circuit. We solved the problems one after the other and finally implemented two unique vacuum tube timbres in one circuit. The “Classic” timbre is retro with a warm, full, and mellow sound while the “Modern” timbre is transparent with excellent speed and linearity. We also extended the vacuum tube timbre circuit to cover all analog outputs including headphone, line-out, and preamp output. This is also a nightmare for our engineers. It is a huge challenge and we are very excited about our final achievement.”

The N30LE features two discontinued AK4499EQ from AKM and can natively decode up to DSD512 and 32 Bit/768 kHz.

Ye Maosheng, our Lead R&D Engineer:
“We had spent a lot of resources to explore this chipset back in 2020, and we had a limited stock of AK4499EQ in our inventory that perfectly suited the N30LE as a limited edition anniversary product. The DAC chipset will be connected in Mono mode and programmed to provide fully balanced differential current output across 8 channels. We shall connect each 2 channels output in parallel and feed into a 2×2 current to voltage I-V converter network to provide a low-noise high-current DAC output stage. These will provide excellent driving capability to support the complete audio circuit.”

Pricing and Availability

N30LE will be available in two versions. The N30LE standard package will be limited to 300 sets globally. There will be a special N30LE Amber Pearl version; only 99 sets are available. This a bundle package with UM Amber Pearl IEM. We have worked with the UM engineering team to fine-tune the IEM, and our engineers have fine-tuned the N30LE DAP accordingly for the best possible synergy.

N30LE (300 units worldwide) – SRP: US$4,999
N30LE Amber Pearl and UM Amber Pearl IEM (99 units worldwide) – SRP: US$12,999
Availability: 28 August 2023

Cayin N30LE DAP Specifications

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