EK Lignum Series Announced – Wood-Plated Water Blocks and Fittings

EKWB recently announced their latest EK Lignum product line. This is a unique product line because the CPU block, GPU block and fittings have a wood surface or finish. Usually we see EK water blocks with a transparent acrylic cover or metal plate. Tube fittings are typically metal-finished as well. So for those who water …

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EK-CryoFuel Solid Coolants Released – Solid but it’s still liquid

EK recently announced their latest coolant with a very intriguing name – the EK-CryoFuel Solid coolants. It’s interesting because they are calling it as “solid coolant”. While it’s not really “solid”, it’s still liquid by the way. Perhaps EK is referring to the properties of the coolant, that’s why they called it “solid coolants”. Also, …

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New Generation EK Velocity CPU Water Blocks Released – See Features, Specs and Price

EK‘s popular CPU water blocks were the Supremacy series and it has lasted for six years already. EK has recently made one step further and released the new EK Velocity CPU Water Blocks. The EK-Velocity series is a new generation of high-performance water blocks that is designed and compatible with Intel and AMD CPU sockets. …

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EKWB EK-RAM Monarch Modules Now Available

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is expanding its EK-RAM Monarch Module family. Existing black variant is now also available as a Nickel plated version. Check out more details of the EK-RAM Monarch Modules below.