List of 8 Series Motherboards Compatible with Intel Devil’s Canyon (Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K)

List of Motherboards Compatible with Intel Devil's Canyon

The new Haswell Refresh-K Series, codenamed Intel Devil’s Canyon, Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K processors were originally exclusive for the new Intel 9 Series-based motherboards (the Z97 and H87 motherboards). However, before the official launching of the said processors, there were already many reports claiming that the Intel Core i7-4790K is working on Z87 …

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Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon Officially Unleashed – See Specs, Price and Where to Buy

Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil's Canyon Officially Unleashed

Intel has officially unleashed the most awaited Haswell Refresh K Series (unlock) quad core processors, a.k.a Devil’s Canyon – the Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K. The new Devil’s Canyon processors are built and designed for performance and could handle extreme overclocking. Both the Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K features a new and improved …

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Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon Specifications Revealed – 5.GHz Overclock Possible on Air!

Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Specs

Intel has recently announced their latest Intel 9 series together with their new Haswell Refresh processors. But many from the PC Enthusiast community aren’t really excited about the Haswell Refresh processors. Most of us are anxiously waiting for the Haswell Refresh K-Series, codenamed Devil’s Canyon, the Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K. Luckily, their respective …

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Intel Core i7-4790 vs i7-4770K – A Brief Comparison of Haswell and Haswell Refresh

Intel Core i7-4790 vs i7-4770k (4th Gen Haswell vs Haswell Refresh)

The new Intel Haswell Refresh processors are just around the corner, and it is expected to be announced officially together with the Intel 9 Series Express chipset. If you have been following my site, by now you should be aware that major motherboard manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and EVGA have already announced their Z97 …

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Intel Devil’s Canyon and 5th Gen Broadwell Slightly Detailed – Designed for PC Enthusiasts, Overclockers and Gamers

Intel Devil's Canyon Processor

Intel, at GDC, revealed the next generation Intel processors based on the Haswell architecture, codenamed – the Intel Devil’s Canyon. The next generation Intel Devil’s Canyon processors basically features improved Thermal Interface Material (TIM), located between the CPU’s die and the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS), updated packaging materials and is supported by the new Intel …

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