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Creative Sound Blaster E5 Review – Portable DAC with Headphone Amp

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Price and Availability

The Sound Blaster E5 DAC with Headphone AMP is very much available now. At the time I posted this review, it has a retail price of $199.99 and can be purchased from popular retailers. You can also purchase the E5 via Creative’s online store here. Creative if offering a 1 year limited warranty for the E5.

Creative Sound Blaster E5 Review: Conclusion

Sound Blaster E5 Review-09I have been using the Sound Blaster E5 for several weeks now, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. If I have four arms, I would have given it not just two thumbs up, but four. I would say the E5 is a fantastic all around DAC/AMP that will serve both gamers, PC enthusiasts, music lovers and audiophiles alike.

If you think a $200 DAC/AMP is very expensive, well think again and check the market. A $200 DAC/AMP in the world of Audiophiles is just passed the beginning. A really great DAC/AMP and even the high end ones would go further way up to a thousand dollars or ever more, and they don’t even have built in mic, Bluetooth or NFC. All they have is a DAC and headphone amplifier with a few number of wired connectivity options. I’m not saying that the E5 will outperform those kinds of DAC/AMPs when it comes to sound quality and performance. What I am trying to say is the Sound Blaster E5 is offering an incredible amount of value by throwing in lots of features.

I’m sure typical PC enthusiasts or PC gamers have their limits when it comes to spending for the audio enhancement of their system. They may find a thousand dollar Chord Hugo DAC/AMP laughable and impractical and would rather spend most of their budget on graphics cards or water cooling. The E5 offers great sound quality for the price, not to mention you also get tons of other features aside from being a DAC and Amplifier alone.

The E5 is a great DAC/AMP in such a way that it will free you from the bondage of cables. A typical DAC/AMP is wired dependent, but the E5 is offering more than just wired connections, via Bluetooth. And let’s not forget the one touch pairing using NFC, and the built in microphone. All these features, put in a small box and priced under $199 is really something and a must have.

Finally, the Sound Blaster E5 is really a fantastic DAC with Headphone AMP. It can enhance not only your gaming experience, or while watching movies, but also while listening to your favorite music as well. I find it very hard not to recommend the E5, since I myself am convinced that it deserves The PC Enthusiast’s Editor’s Choice award.

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