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Crucial BX500 SSD – Cheap But Reliable SSD Now Available

It’s about a year ago since Crucial released the BX300 SSD Series, then followed by their flagship MX500 SSD series a few months later. Today, Crucial recently released their new BX500 SSD Series, quietly. Just like its predecessor, the new Crucial BX500 SSD series is available in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. On top that, they will be priced at $30, $50 and $90 USD respectively. The company is also using a much better looking metal casing for their BX500 series. Check out more details below and where to buy.

Crucial BX500 SSD Now Available

Crucial’s latest BX500 SSD series features Micron 3D NAND chips. They offer reasonably fast speeds at the same time affordable pricing as well. The BX500 features Multistep Data Integrity Algorithm, Thermal Monitoring, SLC Write Acceleration, and Active Garbage Collection. It will also have TRIM support, Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology (a.k.a. SMART) and Error Correction Code (ECC).

The new Crucial BX500 SSD are designed to have a life expectancy of 1.5 million hours. The 120GB has 40TB of total bytes written (TBW) endurance rating, meanwhile the 240GB has 80TB TBW and the 480GB has 120TB of TBW.

Price and Where to Buy

The Crucial BX500 comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $29.99 for the 120GB, $49.99 for the 240GB and $89.99 for the 480GB capacity. Crucial is offering a 3-year limited warranty for the BX500 series. It also comes with a free Acronis True Image Cloning Software.

Crucial BX500 SSD latest pricing and availability:
For US: available at
For UK: available at Amazon UK here

Crucial BX500 SSD Specifications

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    • True, and they only offer 3 year limited warranty or up to its total bytes written. But it’s what Crucial said in their specs sheet for its MTTF.


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