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Deal of the Week: 256GB SSD for $149 Only – Storage Deals

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Our “Deal of the Week” for this week includes two Solid State Drives (SSD) with 256GB capacity for only $149. Actually the first one is 240GB and the other one is 256GB. The first SSD is the Seagate 600 SSD, one of the newly released SSDs on the market. The Seagate 600 is actually the first SSD lineup from the company introduced and released this year. The Seagate 600 with 240GB is now only $149.99, originally has a list price of $284.99. The second SSD is from ADATA – the ADATA Premier Pro SP900 with 256GB capacity. This one has a slightly larger capacity (but not as fast as the first) for the price of $149.99. The SP900 is not the company’s first SSD, but rather they have already manufactured several lineups of solid state drives, and other storage devices. More details about these two solid state drives below.

Deal of the Week – SSD Storage Deals

Seagate 600 240GB for $149

seagate 600 240gb storage deals and discounts

The Seagate 600 is the company’s first SSD lineup that was released a few months ago. The Seagate 600 240GB ST240HM000 7mm features SATA 6Gbps interface, and has up to 550MBps / 450MBps sequential 128KB read and write speeds respectively. Average operating power is just 1.57W, and can endure up to 73TB of Total Bytes Written. Below are some Seagate 600 240GB benchmarks for your reference.

seagate 600 240GB as-ssd benchmark

seagate 600 240GB crystaldiskmark benchmark

NOTE: Benchmarks screenshots from LegitReviews

The benchmarks results you seen above are not the fastest I’ve seen. But in real life usage you won’t notice any real difference at all if compared to other similar tier SSDs. And for the price of $149 only, this is a steal already.

Again, the Seagate 600 240GB ST240HM000 is currently priced at $149.99 and comes with free shipping. This also comes with a 3 year limited usage-based warranty.

ADATA Premier Pro SP900 256GB for $149

adata premier pro sp900 256gb storage deals and discounts

The ADATA Premier Pro SP900 is not the company’s top of the line SSD, since ADATA has the XPG SX900. This one features read and write speeds of up to 220MB/s and 255MB/s respectively. Its maximum random 4K write speed can reach up to 90,000 IOPS. The Premier Pro SP900 fully supports Windows TRIM Command that can optimize the SSD by directly deleting stored data in the Flash memory and released unused space to be used for system writes immediately. It uses MLC Nand Flash and SandForce controller. Power consumption is 0.9W on load and 0.5W on idle.

ADATA Premier Pro SP900 256GB AS SSD Benchmark

ADATA Premier Pro SP900 256GB CrytalDiskMark Benchmark

NOTE: Benchmark screenshots from TechwareLabs

Based on the benchmarks above, ADATA’s Premier Pro SP900 256GB SSD seems to be not performing as fast as the Seagate 600. The only thing that makes this SSD appealing right now is that is has 6GB more capacity than the Seagate 600, and it’s also cheaper compared to the other 256GB-capacity SSDs on the market. I’ve check the re views from people who bought this SSD, and most of them seemed to be satisfied with the Premier Pro SP900. It garnered an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Like I said, the ADATA Premier Pro 256GB ASP900S3-256GM-C is currently priced at $149.99. It also comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Between the two, I would go for the Seagate since it offers better performance, despite the 6GB difference in capacity. But then again, both are definitely faster compared to a hard drive.

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