Deepcool Tristellar and Pentower Artistic PC Cases Launched

Deepcool recently launched two new unique and artistic cases – the Deepcool Tristellar and Deepcool Pentower PC cases. Both cases feature a very unique design, not the typical PC case you see on the market. The Tristellar looks like a case came from the future, reminds me of Star Wars actually. Meanwhile the Pentower (pentagon-tower) looks like it was inspired by Apple’s latest cylindrical Mac Pro PC with a triangular chamber inside. Check out the rest of their feature from the official release below.

Deepcool Tristellar PC chassis-04

Deepcool Tristellar PC Case

3 independent cabins constitute this unique and amazing case. Each cabin includes one of the most heat generating parts of a PC. Motherboard cabin supports ITX motherboard, 2×3.5 drive bays or 120mm liquid radiator/case fan (after remove the drive bays) and low profile CPU air cooler. Graphic cabin supports VGA card up to 320mm, which is connected to motherboard by PCI-E extension cable, behind the GPU, there are three tool-free 2.5 drive bays. The last cabin is capable to accommodate 180mm ATX PSU, 2×3.5 drive bays and one slot-load optical drive.

Deepcool Tristellar case specifications

These three cabins are connected by an aluminum tube which comes with power button at the front. We put I/O ports on the top cabin is great for accessibility, it includes two USB 3.0 ports and the usual audio jacks.

Deepcool Pentower PC Case

The Deepcool Pentower is constructed from trestles, panels and aluminum shell. The unprecedented pentagonal prism structure has made the case to be an artistic product on table. In order to make a neat and tidy lay out, we place the motherboard supporter at one corner, and graphic card at opposite. By using PCI-E extender, these two core components become nearly parallel rather than vertical. The remaining space is filled with 1×3.5 hard drive bay, 2×2.5 hard drive bay and one slot-load optical drive which can be changed to one 2.5 hard drive bay.

Deepcool Pentower PC Case

There is a cable management channel in the central of the case, components are connected as easy as in traditional cases, in fact the whole installation process could be more easier; after the shell is removed, all of the panels and trestles are exposed, users can install units directly without uninstall any other part of the case. The case adopts horizontal airflow channel, the heat ventilation performance is excellent, because of warm air rising.

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