G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite Series DDR4 Memory Features Faster Speed and New Stylish Look

How can you make a “Royal” better? By adding “Elite” at the end, and that’s what exactly G.Skill did to their latest DDR4 memory. G.Skill‘s new Trident Z Royal Elite Series DDR4 memory features a more aggressive and polygonal geometric heat spreader design with faster memory speeds; up to DDR4-5333MHz. The new memory series also features CAS latency from 16 up to 22, and from 1.35V up to 1.6V. It’s also available in 8GB per stick, 16GB, and 32GB capacity per stick. Check out more details from G.Skill’s news release below.


Meet The New High-End G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 Memory Series

G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals is announcing a new addition of high-performance DDR4 memory kit series to the renowned Trident Z family – the Trident Z Royal Elite series. Representing the upper echelon of DDR4 performance, it will be available at speeds of DDR4-3600 to DDR4-5333 at launch.


The new memory series features a meticulously sculpted crystalline pattern across the polished surface of the aluminum heat spreader. It also retains the patented full-length crystalline light bar and 8-zone RGB lighting of the Trident Z Royal to enhance the aesthetics of any high-end PC system build.

Crafted for Magnificence

Each Trident Z Royal Elite heat spreader is painstakingly chiseled with 76 total facets to bestow the ultimate luxury aesthetic to any PC build. It took the company more than a year of development in crafting the perfectly-sized crystalline pattern and sculpting the 3D structure onto a solid piece of aluminum. Available in gold or silver colors, Trident Z Royal Elite modules also inherited the iconic full-length crystalline light bar for a dazzling refractive display of RGB lighting.


Enduring Legacy of High Performance

Finally, the new memory kit offers high-class memory specifications that range from DDR4-3600 to DDR4-5333 and offers 16GB (8GBx2) to 64GB (32GBx2) in kit capacity at launch. Each memory kit is constructed from hand-screened memory IC chips and tested for compatibility across a wide range of motherboards to ensure stability and high-frequency overclocked performance. For a list of specifications available at launch, please refer to the chart below.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 Memory Series Specifications


Pricing and Availability

G.Skill has not yet disclosed the (retail) prices of their latest DDR4 memory kits. But they will be available via G.SKILL worldwide distribution partners in May 2021. So we should be seeing these in our favorite (e)retail stores starting next month.

Meanwhile, you can also check out the latest pricing and availability of the G.Skill Trident Z Royal at Newegg.com here. We recommend a 3200MHz or 3600MHz memory kit with CAS latency of 14 or 16.

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