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How to Screenshot the Entire Web Page (in Chrome)

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There are a few ways on how to take a screenshot of a web page that you are actively viewing on your browser. You can press the “prt sc” key on your keyboard and paste the image on Paint. Or you can simply use Windows’ Snipping tool to take a screenshot of the web page or the whole window / screen. But what if you want to capture or take a screenshot of the entire web page, from top to bottom. Sounds a bit taxing, right? However, the solution is quite easy if you know the right tool to use. Check out how you can take a screenshot of the entire web page below.

How to Take Full Page Screen Capture in Chrome

How to Screenshot the Entire Web Page and Save It As An Image File

Like I said earlier, the easiest way to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is to use the Snipping tool. However, with the Snipping tool, you can only take a “snip” or screenshot of what you see on your display. You can’t screenshot and scroll down on a web page at the same time because the screen would freeze when you take a screenshot.

You could snip each layer or portion of the web page until you reach the bottom, but you will end up with several image files. Not to mention, you will have to “stich” or connect all those images using an image editing software. That’s very time consuming and inefficient.

The easiest what on how to screenshot an entire web page is by using an “Extension” in Google Chrome. After installing the specific Chrome extension, taking a screenshot of the entire web page from top to bottom is just a click of a button away. Follow the steps below.

How to Install Full Page Screen Capture Chrome Extension

The specific Chrome extension that we need to install in order to take a screenshot of the whole page is called “Full Page Screen Capture”.

  1. Go to Chrome web store here.
  2. Search for “Full Page Screen Capture” on the search box.
  3. Alternatively, you can go directly to their page here. However, for whatever reason, if the link no longer works (in the future), just search for the extension. The Full Page Screen Capture extension if offered by “” and has been download by 4 million+ users as of writing this article.

Disclaimer: We are not connected or affiliated with the developers of this tool. I just happen to find the extension useful.

  1. Once you are in their page, simply click the “Add to Chrome” button on the right-hand side. Chrome will then ask you to “Add Full Page Screen Capture”? extension, simply click the “Add extension” button to install it.
  2. Once you have installed the extension, a new window will open informing you that the extension was successfully installed. You will also see a small “camera icon” on the browser’s panel, right beside the address bar.

How to Take Screenshot of Entire Web Page Using Full Page Screen Capture

To take a screenshot of the entire web page, here are the steps:

  1. Visit the website or page you want to take the screenshot.
  2. Once the web page has loaded, be sure to scroll from top to bottom just to make sure all elements are loaded. Some sites are using “lazy load” to defer the loading of some images. Sometimes, the extension won’t be able to capture those images since the browser hasn’t loaded them yet.
  3. After you have confirmed that every images or elements are displayed, click the “camera icon” on the top and it will begin to screen capture the current web page.
  4. A new window will open showing you a preview of the captured web page.
  5. From there, you can edit (crop, annotate, edit) the image; delete it; download the image as PDF or download the image as PNG. The default is set to PNG. You can change the image format to JPG via the options menu.

Note: Some functions or features of the Full Page Screen capture, like the Edit, are “premium features”.

  1. I usually just download the image as a PNG file. Click the download image button and it will ask you for permission to allow the extension to “manage your downloads”. Click the “Allow” button and it will download the image to your desktop, or to the location of your Chrome’s default download folder.

That’s it! I hope this guide you helped one way or another. Please consider sharing it with your friends. I was also in a similar situation before and I really wanted to know how to screenshot an entire web page fast; without using any image editing software.

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