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MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse Review – Featuring PixArt PAW-3395 Optical Sensor

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Today we are looking at one of MSI‘s latest gaming mice – the Clutch GM51 Lightweight wireless. And yes, MSI did add “lightweight” to the name of their product. Perhaps for SEO purposes or to emphasize its weight. It features PixArt’s PAW-3395 optical sensor for up to 26000 dpi and 250 IPS. MSI also uses Omron switches for up to 60+ million clicks and boasts up to 150 hours of battery life. It also has a charging dock, onboard profiles, three connection modes, and several other features. If you’re in the market for a wireless gaming mouse, find out if the GM51 Lightweight is for you. Please continue reading our review below.

msi gm51 lightweight wireless mouse review

Review: Is The MSI GM51 Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse Good?

Packaging and Closer Look

MSI’s packaging for its gaming peripherals has a black-and-white color theme to it. At the front, you can see a photo of the GM51 wireless mouse and the included charging dock. Meanwhile, at the back, you can read some of its main features, although that photo of a feather next to the mouse doesn’t properly or accurately describe its weight, in my opinion.

The box includes some reading materials, the GM51 mouse, the charging dock, and the braided USB Type-A to Type-C cable. The retail box has thick padding or foam to secure the mouse and accessories.

MSI is still using the same charging dock design. The charging dock is circular, has a small footprint, and is magnetic. You can feel the magnet strong enough since the mouse will snap into the charging dock. Underneath the charging dock, you can see the USB-C connector.

My only concern with this type of charging dock is there’s a tendency that the pins will not contact properly. As a result, it sometimes doesn’t charge right away or doesn’t recharge at all. The same thing is true for Razer’s charging dock for its mice. But to MSI’s credit, their charging dock is slightly better than Razer’s.

Fortunately, based on my experience, this doesn’t happen in the first few weeks or months of use. With my old GM41 Wireless, I only noticed this issue after over a year of use.

The Clutch GM51 Lightweight

The Clutch GM51 Lightweight measures 122 mm-130 mm in length, 62 mm-66 mm in width, and 45mm at its highest point. It features an ergonomic design, primarily made for right-handed users only. Personally, I find the shape of the GM51 a lot better than the GM41. It has a nice bulge or curve, but I prefer it if the mouse is a bit longer and broader.

The surface of GM51 is not glossy. Instead, it has an anti-smudge surface that effectively resists dirt and oil, according to MSI. In my experience, if my hand is dirty or oily, it will still leave some marks. However, if my hand or fingers are just slightly sweaty or somewhat oily, the marks don’t stick. If there are marks on the surface of the GM51, you can easily remove them with a tissue or a soft cloth.

When it comes to its weight, for me, 85 grams for a gaming mouse isn’t actually light. There are much lighter mice out there; even the GM41, at 74g, is lighter than the GM51. However, I am not a fan of light mice, and the weight of the GM51 is just okay for me. I would prefer a few grams more, but 85 grams is not bad either in my opinion.

You can see what MSI calls “Diamond Lightgrips” with customizable RGB lighting on its sides. Aside from having the Diamond Lightgrips design, the surface on the sides is also coated with a soft material, Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE rubber.

The RGB lighting on this mouse is located on the sides and at the top (MSI dragon logo). Based on the press material, there are four digital LED on each side. The RGB lighting can be controlled and customized using the MSI Center app.

Closer Look at the Port and Bottom

One key feature of the GM51 is the PAW-3395 optical sensor from PixArt. Based on specs, it can deliver up to 26000 dpi and 650 IPS, with an acceleration of 50g. According to MSI, the GM51 has a lift-off distance of 1mm, resulting in more accurate movements while preventing conventional cursor drift from mouse lift-off.

Aside from the accurate sensor, it features Motion Sync, which can synchronize the signal from the mouse at the exact intervals your PC extracts information to strengthen the accuracy of the movement. This feature can be turned on or off via the MSI Center.

At the bottom of the mouse, you can see six PTFE skates, a switch for the connection mode, and a button for the profile. You can also see the charging contact right below the optical sensor. The opening for the USB-C cable on the mouse looks wider. That’s because you can insert the USB dongle in that slot if you need to bring the mouse to another location.

RGB Lighting and Battery Life

When you turn on the GM51 (Bluetooth or 2.4G), there is a “Welcome Light” effect. After the welcome light effect, it will use whatever default lighting effect is applied. Out of the box, the lighting effect is set to rainbow. But you can change the effect using MSI Center with Mystic Light.

I have yet to thoroughly test its battery life, as it is hard to keep track of and even drain the GM51. But according to MSI, its 550 mAH battery can last up to 150 hours. However, the actual battery life may be lower, especially if RGB lighting is in effect and brightness is high. Nevertheless, “up to 150 hours” is promising, and if you charge the mouse directly (not via the charging dock), a 15-minute charge can give you up to 27 hours, according to MSI.

Size Comparison

Here’s a quick physical comparison of the GM51 and its predecessor, the GM41. The GM41 is slightly longer than the GM51 at about 1mm to 2mm. However, the GM41 is flatter, with a peak height of only 38mm. The GM41 has an ambidextrous design, while the GM51 is ergonomic and for right-handed users only. Of the two, I like the GM51 more; it is an improvement in design and features.

Compared to my current daily driver, the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro, the DeathAdder is slightly longer. But it is a couple of mm shorter from top to bottom. For me, the DeathAdder V2 Pro feels more “ergonomic” and slightly more comfortable.

MSI Center Software

Although not required for the GM51 to function, you need to install the MSI Center to customize the GM51’s RGB lighting effect and customize the buttons and profile.

The software is easy to use and straightforward, but it’s not that polished or intuitive compared to other peripheral software. However, it needs improvement as I notice sometimes it gets stuck in a “loading” state when changing or applying a setting.

Subjective Testing

I have only been using the Clutch GM51 Lightweight wireless for several weeks. It took me some time to adjust from the DeathAdder V2 Pro. But since both mice have an ergonomic design, the transition or switch was manageable and comfortable.

I have also been using the GM51 for work most of the time and just several hours a week for gaming. Honestly speaking, I don’t have much time to play due to work. I felt no huge difference or substantial gain when I switched from my DeathAdder to the GM51. At first, I thought that the GM51 was slightly more accurate, though it may be just a placebo.

Below you can see a quick scribble test using paint.

MSI GM51 Lightweight PAW 3395 Sensor Test

As you can see from the image above, the GM51 produced smoother or more consistent lines. Meanwhile, my DeathAdder V2 Pro made more rough or jagged lines and strokes.

I don’t have an accurate measuring tool or a professional device to measure and test the mouse accurately. But based on everyday use, I didn’t feel or encounter any issues with the GM51. For me, the sensor feels precise or accurate. It’s also very responsive even in wireless mode, and I didn’t notice any issue or delay, even when playing first-person shooter games.

While I don’t have any issues or concerns with its sensor, I have a few things to nitpick about its design and perhaps lack of some potential features.

Pricing and Availability

The MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight wireless gaming mouse is now available. It comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99.99. There’s also a wired variant – Clutch GM51 Lightweight, cheaper than the wireless version, only $69.99. For the latest pricing and availability, kindly visit the links below.

MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless gaming mouse is available on here or here.

Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless Review Conclusion

After several weeks of use, I find the Clutch GM51 Lightweight to be a solid wireless gaming mouse. For me, it’s a considerable improvement over the GM41 Wireless, its predecessor. Not only it has a better sensor, but it also feels nice on the hand. I don’t have any significant or glaring issues to report. However, I have a few things to nitpick about.

The first one is the side buttons. They have a pointy or triangular shape, and I prefer flat-surfaced buttons instead of somewhat sharp buttons. I also find the mouse to be a bit slimmer, although this one is subjective and will depend on the size of one’s hand and the user’s preference.

The second is the lack of dedicated DPI buttons and the somewhat limited customizability of the button via the MSI Center. If you want to assign a button other than the default or usual mouse button function, you must use Macro instead. Not a really big deal, but Razer’s software does it better and has more customizability and options. MSI has to polish and step up its “Gaming Gear” function on the MSI Center to compete better. The GM51 has the potential, but the software holds it back.

Other than those, I don’t have anything negative to report about the GM51W. Although, it could use a bit of a discount to better compete with other wireless gaming mice.

At the end of the day, a mouse is a personal choice and preference. It’s not a one-size-fits-all product. But I have no problem recommending MSI’s Clutch GM51 Lightweight wireless, especially if you think it will fit your hand nicely.

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