NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition Review – RTX Off and DLSS Disabled For Now

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition – Battlefield 1 Benchmarks

Like I said earlier, we can’t test real-time ray tracing games yet since they are not available at this time. One good example is Battlefield V; this game will feature real-time ray tracing but it’s move to a November 20 release. For now, I tested the GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition in Battlefield 1 at ultra settings in three different resolutions: 1080p, 1440p and 2160p. Below are the results I got:

In Battlefield 1, I got around 29%-33% performance increase from the GTX 1080 Mini. It’s a good performance increase from its predecessor; however looks like the RTX 2080 is neck and neck with the GTX 1080 Ti. Let’s investigate further and check out more games on the succeeding pages.

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