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Patriot VIPER VP4300 NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD Offers up to 7,400MB/s Speed!

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Patriot Memory recently released its new and faster Gen4 SSD – the VIPER VP4300 PCIe Gen4 x 4 NVMe M.2 SSD. Patriot’s new Gen4 SSD is built with an Innogrit IG5236 Gen 4×4 NVMe controller; offering sequential speeds of up to 7,400MB/s read and up to 6,800MB/s write. Interestingly, the Viper VP4300 also comes with two optional heatshields; an aluminum and a Graphene heatshield. It also features Thermal Throttling technology and has a built-in thermal sensor that protects and helps sustain optimal performance under heavy workloads. More details including its pricing, and availability below.

Patriot Viper VP4300 aluminum heatshield

Patriot VIPER VP4300 PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD Launched

PATRIOT VIPER launches its Viper VP4300 PCIe Gen4x4 NVME M.2 2280 SSD today. The SSD is built using the latest Innogrit Gen 4×4 high-speed controller-IG5236, paired with a high-quality DDR4 DRAM cache. It is built on a 10-layer PCB to guarantee excellent signal integrity and stability. Viper’s all-new Gen4 SSD is available in capacities of 1TB and 2TB.

The VP4300 offers 4K random read and random write of up to 8000K IOPs. In addition, it also offers sequential read and writes speeds up to 7,400MB/s and 6,800MB/s, respectively. As a result, users get faster overall performance from system boots to accelerating system responsiveness when loading games or data-intensive applications.

Patriot Viper VP4300_Heatshield_Comparison

To keep the NVMe m.2 SSD thermally stable, the Viper VP4300 SSD comes with two heat spreaders: an aluminum heatshield and an extremely thin, single-use, graphene thermal pad. Interestingly, Patriot says both heat spreaders can be used together or independently in a variety of different system configurations; from a full tower desktop to a restricted ITX tower or gaming laptop.

Graphene or Aluminum? Why Not Both?

The aluminum and graphene heatshields offer two height profiles and can be used independently or together for superior heat dissipation in any build. The Graphene heatshield is an ultra-thin and lightweight thermal pad. It is best used when space is limited, or an integrated heatsink is being used. Users can choose which one to use according to the allowed installation space.

Patriot Viper VP4300_aluminum_vs_Graphene

Viper VP4300’s Thermal Throttling Technology

Many traditional NVMe SSDs set performance restrictions that limit Read and Write data transfer speeds to maintain a workable operating temperature. The Viper VP4300 is designed with a cutting-edge Thermal Throttling technology that uses a built-in thermal sensor and firmware to manage the SSD temperature. This will prevent overheating and easily leverage the best performance under a variety of different system tasks.

Patriot Viper VP4300 graphene heatshield

Who Is the Viper VP4300 For?

According to Patriot Memory, the Viper VP4300 M.2 SSD is one of the most reliable choices for PC enthusiasts, hardcore gamers, content creators, and animation rendering professionals who require ultra-fast bootup speed and instantaneous access for superior productivity.

Pricing and Availability

The Patriot Viper VP4300 is now available and comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $254.99 for the 1TB capacity; and $499.99 for the 2TB capacity. Finally, Viper Gaming offers a 5-year warranty. SSD prices tend to change, for the latest pricing and availability you can check it via the link(s) below.

Latest Pricing and Availability:
1TB capacity: available on here
2TB capacity: available on here

Note: Must be on the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 or 5000 CPU with Gen4 support; and an X570 or B550 motherboard, at time of release, to obtain optimal Gen4x4 speed. Other platforms will be backward compatible with Gen3x4.

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