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Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD Now Available – 1TB, 2TB and 4TB SSD Capacities Listed

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After a Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD was seen listed on Amazon early June, Samsung finally announced their new 870 QVO SATA SSD series. The new 870 QVO SSD features second generation QLC NAND flash that builds on the success of the 860 QVO. Basically speaking, you can say that the new 870 QVO is an improved or enhanced variant on the 860 QVO series; offering capacities up to 8TB. The new Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD series is now available. Check out more details below.

Samsung 870 QVO SSD Now Available

Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD Series Offers Up To 8TB in Capacity

Inside the 870 QVO SATA SSD are Samsung’s new MKX controller and 2nd generation high-density 4-bit MLC V-NAND flash. The 870 QVO offers sequential read and write speeds of up to 560MB/s and 530MB/s respectively. It also offers improved random performance from the 860 QVO by up to 13% in low queue depth workloads (QD1).

The 870 QVO SSD series is geared towards mainstream PC value seekers and professional users who prioritize price, performance and high capacity storage. Of course, users can also use this as a game drive; the 4TB or 8TB would be ideal if a gamer has quite a number of games on their library.

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Aside from speed, another important improvement that we can expect from the 870 QVO SSD is its sustained performance. The 870 QVO’s sustained performance has been increased by up to 21% higher than its 860 QVO predecessor. The Intelligent TurboWrite has also been enhanced to last up to 3.8x longer than its predecessor. Now I wonder, how the new 870 QVO would fare against the much older 860 EVO SSD.

The Samsung 870 QVO SSD also promises to delivery up to 2,880TB of Total Bytes Written along with a 3-year limited warranty. This is possible thanks to the enhanced 9x layer V-NAND characteristics and a refined new controller with an advanced ECC algorithm. In terms of security, the 870 features AES 256-bit full disk encryption, and supports TCG/Opal v2.0 and Encrypted Drive (IEEE1667) technologies.

Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SSD

Pricing and Where to Buy

The Samsung 870 QVO 1TB is now available and comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $129.99. The 2TB and 4TB capacities will start shipping on a later date this month, but you should be able to (pre) order them now. They come with an MSRP of $249.99 and $499.99 respectively. Finally, the 8TB variant will be available in August with pricing yet to be determined; more or less $899.99 USD. You can check out the links below for latest pricing and availability.

Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD is available on here or here

Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD Specifications

Samsung 870 QVO SSD Specifications

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