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Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable Released – Compact, Tool-less and Portable Chassis

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Streacom recently announced their latest chassis, the BC1 Open Benchtable. The BC1 is a product in collaboration between Streacom, HWBOT and Overclocking-TV. This aluminum open benchtable is designed with ultra-portability and toolless design in mind. It weighs 1.82 kg and is only 8mm thin. It also makes use of thumbscrews and standoffs that includes traditional and convenient pushpin options to make it really a toolless design. The Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable has legs and mounting brackets aside from the screws for full component integration. It also supports all form factor motherboards, up to 4 graphics cards, system fans and even radiators. Check out more details from the official news below.

Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable

Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable Features

Streacom is delighted to announce the official arrival of the BC1 Open Benchtable, a lightweight, toolless benchtable that has been designed specifically for portability and ease of use. Co-developed with HWBOT, OverClocking-TV and Streacom, the Open Benchtable is a community-developed product that towers above current offerings in terms of portability, aesthetics, quality and design.

Being only 8mm thick and weighing a mere 1.82kg, the Open Benchtable is uniquely designed for travelling overclockers, enthusiasts and technical professionals who need put together a full open PC while on the road. It uniquely integrates all the components needed to quickly set up a benching or test platform including; standoffs, screws and brackets. Welcome to the next level of convenience and portability.

Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable-01 Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable-02

“The Open Benchtable story starts with a group of community members recognizing the need for a wholly more portable benchtable solution,” commented Timothée Pineau, head of Project Development at HWBOT and VP of OverClocking-TV. “The design of the Open Benchtable has continued to evolve and improve with more OC community members contributing to help us finally arrive at the incredible design we have today.”

The Open Benchtable: True portability – Uniquely Designed, Ingeniously Implemented.
The Open Benchtable has been designed from day one with one key question in mind – how we can design a fully functional benchtable that is also 100% portable? Today, Overclocking is a community driven hobby and Esport where overclockers are willing to traverse the globe to bench with and compete against other like-minded people. The project has now developed a benchtable that is highly suited to the needs of a travelling PC enthusiast, overclocker, or any professional who needs to test components in the field.

The main body of the Open Benchtable is made of machined, anodized aluminum which offers fantastic rigidity while also being extremely lightweight. The body also features an integrated carry handle with legs, standoffs, and brackets all seamlessly stowed within. This means no moving (or indeed rattling) parts when in transit.

The Open Benchtable Project
Another crucial aspect of the Open Benchtable project is that its design is open to third party developers of additional accessories. Started by HWBOT and OverClocking-TV and later joined by Streacom, the project will allow full access to the blueprints files of this final product revision, allowing third party developers to build accessories for all Open Benchtable products, modify and share their design improvements and more.

Ultimately, community enthusiasts will be able to share their own unique accessory designs and 3D files on the Open Benchtable site for others to use. Blueprints and other design related documentation will be publicly available later in Q3 2016.

Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable-04

Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable Specifications

Body Material: Premium Grade (5052) Aluminum Alloy
Screw Material: SS304 Steel Alloy
Available Colours: Silver – Sandblast & Anodized Finish
Motherboard Support: XL, E, Mini, & Micro- ATX, Mini ITX
PSU Support: ATX 12V / BTX, ATX large and ATX-EPS, 10KG Max
Drive Capacity: Up to 2 x 2.5″ or 2 x 3.5″
Bracket Cooling Support: 240, 140, 120, 92, 80mm, 5KG Max
Max Recommended Total Load: 25KG
Stored Dimensions: 370 x 260 x 8mm (W x D x H)
Assembled Height: 115mm
Motherboard Standoff Height: 25mm
Net Weight: 1.82Kg

Price and Availability

The HWBOT Community Edition is available now direct from for US $149 and includes a limited edition travelers sleeve. Meanwhile, Streacom’s BC1 Open Benchtable Retail Edition will be available 3-4 weeks after the Community Edition, through existing Streacom retailers.

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