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The Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022

Rust has a wide variety of skins, and as soon as a new player enters the server, he immediately has questions: what set to wear, which is better, and which one to use in the harsh conditions of the game? Indeed, just clothes will not save you here because certain types of armor perfectly fit some clothing items. Below, we will talk about armor so that you can learn all the subtleties and features of each item within a few minutes of playing Rust.

Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022

1) The Childish Imagination Set

Playing games is the most pleasing thing to do in childhood, and returning to that time may seem difficult for some people. This childish imagination set made of cardboard can definitely take you back to childhood. Alternatively, it can show your enemies that you are a bit crazy, and they should be afraid of you. Release your creativity and choose some unusual Rust skins for you. Thus, your childish imagination set will have the following items:

  • Cardboard helmet;
  • Cardboard kilt;
  • Cardboard vest;
  • Kid’s Stone Hatchet;
  • Kid’s Stone Pick Axe;
  • Pixel Rocket Launcher;
  • Toy Blaster.
Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022 - childish imagination set

2) The Gingerbread Guardian Set

Do you like all these Christmas items and accessories? Cones, deer, socks, Christmas trees — all these things cheer our mood during the wintertime. Would you like to bring this atmosphere into your favorite game? Get ready to wear this mind-blowing Gingerbread Guardian set, and entertain everyone in the game. Here is what you might be looking for:

  • Candy Launcher;
  • Chocolate Hunter Thompson;
  • Gingerbread AK;
  • Mr. Gingerbread Kilt;
  • Mr. Gingerbread Vest;
  • Xmas Candy Crossbow, etc.
Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022 - gingerbread guardian set

3) The Vegan Avenger Set

Whether you hate the meat industry in general or just want to horrify your enemies, this absolutely hilarious set will let your rivals understand that they shouldn’t get in your way. They can either get away or be eliminated immediately. Finally, this set shows how creative you can be in selecting the assassination methods for their death. Here are the skins that can be included in your set:

  • Carrot Launcher;
  • Carrot Knife;
  • Forsaken Era Chest Plate;
  • Forsaken Era Mask;
  • Organic Berry Box;
  • Spring Hatchet, etc.
rust - vegan avenger set

4) The Meat Love Menace Set

Well, there is also an opposite way to stand out from the crowd: put on the items from the Meat Love Menace set. This kit looks a bit tribal or even bloody, as it is represented by body parts, bones, and Medieval attributes. If you like the idea of using this set, pay attention to the following items:

  • Apocalypse Kilt;
  • Apocalypse Vest;
  • Eater Hatchet;
  • Flesh Knife;
  • Oink SAP, etc.
rust - meat love menace set

5) The Heartbreaker Set

If you want to bring some glam and gloss to your look, the Heartbreaker set is an excellent solution. You can pretend to be a lovestruck maniac or just someone who is very much into all this love-themed stuff while distracting the attention of your rivals. Here are the items that should be in your inventory:

  • Cupidon rifle;
  • Heart Strings Bow;
  • Heartbreaker AR;
  • Lovely SMG;
  • Road Romeo Jacket;
  • Road Romeo Gloves;
  • Road Romeo Pants.
Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022 - heartbreaker set

Visit DMarket to check the actual prices for all the items mentioned above. Feel free to share screenshots of your looks with us in the comments.

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