Understanding Identity Theft In Gaming And How To Avoid It

Understanding Identity Theft In Gaming And How To Avoid It

The gaming industry has expanded far beyond entertainment. This digital world is a place where creativity flourishes, strong friendships form, and valuable skills are learned. Video games also offer a relaxing escape from the troubles of the real world.

Tips for the Trials of Osiris Flawless Run in Season 21

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris are the supreme PvP gamemode in Destiny 2, a type of Crucible that’s nominally meant for veteran players. They were reworked for Season 21, making it easier to enter this mode and start grinding towards the sweet rewards promised in the end. The biggest prizes are awarded for reaching a flawless run.

Diablo IV PC System Requirements Revealed – Is Your PC Ready For Hell?

diablo iv pc system requirements

Diablo IV is just a few weeks away from its official release date, June 6. Hopefully, all will go smoothly, and the game will finally be released. But before that, is your gaming PC ready to enter hell? Can it handle Diablo IV? Blizzard recently revealed the system requirements for the said game. Diablo IV …

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Video Games Challenge Players in Many Ways, Even in Luck

Top Online Video Games That Will Challenge Your Luck

Top Online Video Games That Will Challenge Your Luck Even though we’d all want to believe that playing video games successfully requires talent, it’s not always the case. With overly complex gaming mechanics and a level of difficulty so severe that you can just push buttons and hope for the best, you will probably need …

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The Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022

Best Rust Skins Sets in 2022

Rust has a wide variety of skins, and as soon as a new player enters the server, he immediately has questions: what set to wear, which is better, and which one to use in the harsh conditions of the game? Indeed, just clothes will not save you here because certain types of armor perfectly fit …

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5 online PC video games you don’t want to miss

5 online PC video games

Games have been around for a long time and have had many significant changes in their evolution. For example, this is the case with casino games that used to only be played in real life or on PC, all the way to playing mobile slots for real money on smartphones today. Additionally, video games have …

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Updated Cyberpunk 2077 PC System Requirements and New Gameplay Trailers Released

Cyberpunk 2077 official trailer

CD Projekt recently dropped an updated PC system requirements for their most anticipated upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. Based on the updated system requirements, you’ll need at least an RX 6800 XT or RTX 3070/3080 to play this game at 4K UHD with ultra graphics settings. And if you want to play it with all the …

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Death Stranding PC Graphics Performance Review – Featuring DLSS 2.0

death stranding pc review dlss on vs off

Death Stranding, Kojima Productions’ latest game, has finally come to PC; and with it, NVIDIA introduced DLSS 2.0. So, in today’s game review, let’s check out what graphics card do you need in order to play Death Stranding in PC smoothly. We’ll also going to check out what DLSS 2.0 has to offer. This review …

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Diablo IV Reveals Lilith – Mother of Sanctuary – Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers

Diablo IV Cinematic Trailer

“By three they come…” Oh it’s been a while since I got this excited with a game trailer. When it comes to cinematic game trailers, Blizzard never fails. At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the first cinematic and gameplay trailers up the upcoming game – Diablo IV. Many Diablo fans were waiting for this. We …

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