Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Official Trailer Revealed – Expect Futuristic War Environment

call of duty advanced warface official trailer

Recently, Sledgehammer’s upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare official trailer has been revealed ahead of its schedule. The trailer shows that the next installment will have a futuristic battle experience, weapons, as well as accessories. At first CoD Advanced Warfare reminded me Crysis where you get super jump abilities, cloaking mode and high-tech weaponry. But …

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Complete List of PlayStation 4 Games This 2014

complete list of ps4 games this 2014

PlayStation 4 owners rejoice and be prepared, for a long list of games waiting for you to be played this year. Sony recently published a list of hundred plus PS4 game titles we should be expecting this 2014. Some of these PS4 game tiles are already out now, but there are still many that are …

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Call of Duty Ghost Official System Requirements for PC Revealed

cod ghost system requirments for pc

Call of Duty Ghost is one of the most awaited upcoming games to be released this year from Infinity Ward. I’m sure you’re curious to know whether you PC or gaming system can handle this game, and enjoy it to the fullest graphics details it can offer. Well, check them out its official system requirements …

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Watchdogs Official System Requirements for PC Revealed

watchdogs system requirements for pc

Watchdogs is an upcoming game from UbiSoft, and recently the official system requirements of the game for PC have been revealed. The Watchdogs’ system requirements suggest that you need a powerful gaming machine to fully enjoy the game, specially if you want to max out its video settings. But if you have a gaming machine …

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