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Corsair RM Series Full Modular Power Supply – A Must Have PSU this 2013!

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Corsair has released a new entire lineup of Power Supplies, the Corsair RM Series, featuring full modular cabling system, 80 Plus Gold certification and is optimized for silence. The new RM Series is built with low-noise capacitors and is cooled by a 135mm fan that only turns on when it really needs to. Check out its features, specs, price and where you can buy below.

corsair rm series modular psu

Corsair RM Series PSU Features

The new Corsair RM Series PSUs boast an 80 PLUS Gold certification, delivering over 92% energy efficiency at real world load conditions. It features a fully modular cabling system, (even the 24 pin and 4+4pin power connectors are- modular), featuring a low-profile and flat black modular cables.

corsair rm series efficiency
corsair rm series low noise

There are 6 PSUs for the RM series, from 450W up to 1000W, each built with a Corsair NR135L fan that features a ZERO RPM Fan mode that only turns on during higher loads. Although this is not a new feature since PSUs like Corsair AX/AXi and HX series have this kind of feature.

corsair rm series specs

These new full modular power supplies complies with the ATX 12V v22.4 and EPS 2.92 standards and features Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) with PF value of 0.99. All the Corsair RM power supplies are fully compatible with the latest Intel Haswell and Intel Ivy-Bridge E systems.

corsair rm series price

The new super silent and power efficient power supplies are also compatible with Corsair Link for real-time monitoring of fan speed, and power delivery. All the RM Series PSUs come with a 5 year limited warranty and judging from the price Corsair has given them, I’m pretty sure these are the new bang for the buck power supplies and will replace the old TX and HX series.

corsair rm series amazon


corsair rm series modular power supply specifications and price

Wattage450 Watts550 Watts650 Watts750 Watts850 Watts1000 Watts
80 PlusGoldGoldGoldGoldGoldGold
Length16 cm16 cm16 cm18 cm18 cm18 cm
24-pin ATX111111
8-pin EPS/CPU111122
6+2-pin PCI-E224468
4-pin Peripheral4477811
SATA Connector66881012
MTBF100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours

Price and Where to Buy

Judging from the quality of the power supplies that Corsair makes, I’m pretty sure that the new RM series are solid PSUs and I’ll be getting one soon for my HTPC or Mini-ITX gaming system. Right now all the RM series PSUs are available to order. And you can get lesser than SRP price or discounted price from the respective links below.

Corsair RM450W only $95.95 here.
Corsair RM550W only $103.50 here.
Corsair RM650W only $114.95 here.
Corsair RM750W only $119.99 here.
Corsair RM850W only $139.99 here.
Corsair RM1000W only $179.90 here.

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