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Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case – The Most Advanced Compact Gaming Case According to Cougar

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Cougar recently released their new mini-ITX gaming case – the Cougar QBX, which is said to be the most advanced compact gaming case according to the company. It features an ultra-compact design but allows support for up to 7 cooling fans. It can support full sized graphics card, and up to 4 SSD as well. Obviously it can only support mini-ITX motherboards, and it doesn’t have any front bay slots. But it supports a slim optical disc drive bay in the top front portion. Check out the rest of its features and specifications from the official release below.

Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-03 Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-02

Cougar QBX Features

The first of the Cougar QBX’s virtues is self-evident. Its 178mm x 260mm x 368mm dimension make QBX a highly compact case. With it, gamers no longer need enormous desks with lots of space to install high-end gaming components in order to enjoy new generation games. Whether on a desk or near the TV, QBX will fit in any gamer’s room and leave them space for a bigger screen or whatever they want to do with it.

Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-01

The second of the Cougar QBX’s distinguishing features is what makes it a gaming case. A compact case with very good cooling is great, but virtually all of those are limited to smaller components with limited capabilities, which makes it impossible to enjoy the most demanding games. QBX shatters that limitation, allowing the user to enjoy high end graphics cards (up to 350mm long), up to five hard disks (both HDD and SSD), Slim ODD for different media formats, USB 3.0 and much more. All this is well powered, since QBX supports PS2-ATX PSUs (up to 140mm long), which can fuel even the most demanding system and can also be easily found anywhere, in contrast with the special PSUs required by other compact cases. In short, QBX allows gamers to fully enjoy the latest generation of games without worrying about hardware limitations.

Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-06 Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-05

Last but not least, all this power needs to be well cooled or all those components in a small space would simply burn themselves. QBX solves this problem with what is the best cooling on the market for a case of its class. Up to 7 fans with possibility of installing water cooling (up to 240mm long) will provide all the required airflow, including a dedicated independent PSU airflow that prevents the air from that particularly hot part of the computer to get to the rest of the components. The QBX’s pro-cooling design guarantees that this airflow gets to the right places through the right ways, optimizing cooling even further.

Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-07 Cougar QBX Mini ITX Case-04

Cougar QBX mini-ITX Chassis Specifications

Case Type

Mini ITX Case

Motherboard Type

Mini ITX

Dimension (WxHxD)

7.01 x 10.24 x 14.49 (inch)
178 x 260 x 368 (mm)

Optical Disk Drive (ODD) Type

Supports ONLY Slim ODD

3.5″ Internal Drive Bay (HDD)


2.5″ Drive Bay (HDD/SSD)


Expansion Slots
(For example for Graphics Card)


I/O Panel

2 x USB3.0 / HD audio

Cool ing System
Max Installed :
7pcs Fans


80mm Fan x 1 (optional)


120mm Fans x 2 (optional)


90mm Fan x 1 (pre-installed)


120mm Fans x 2 (optional)

Left Side

120mm Fan x 1
240mm radiator with a single 120mm fan
120mm radiator with a 120mm fan

Cable management system

Cable feedthrough on the motherboard tray for easily routing and hiding cables.

Fan Filter (Cleanable)

1 x Bottom Filter (pre-installed and removable)
1 x Front Filter (included, installed by the user)

Water cooling support

240mm radiator with a single 120mm fan
120mm radiator with a 120mm fan

Max. Graphic card Length

(Support for High End Graphics Cards)

Max. CPU cooler height



PS2 ATX Type (up to 140mm long)

As of today, the company hasn’t disclosed its manufacturer’s suggested retail price yet. But it will be available starting towards the end of April 2015.

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