Middle-Earth Shadow of War Graphics Benchmark Review


Shadow of War Graphics Comparison

Below are six actual gameplay screenshots; starting with the lowest graphics quality, then low, medium, high, very high and finally ultra graphics quality. You can see the difference from one graphics quality to another. Theses screenshots are originally taken at 3840×2160 or 4K UHD. You can view the original size by clicking on the images below. It may take some time to load (depending on your internet connection) due to the file size.

Here’s another set of screenshots taken on another area. You can clearly see the difference on Talion’s armor, the lightning and quality of the fortress and the metal sticking out in front of Talion. Again the screenshots are arrange from lowest, low, medium, high, very high and ultra.

Let’s move on to the next page and see some more gameplay screenshots and check out what quests awaits you on Shadow of War.

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