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WD Black SN750 vs Samsung 970 EVO vs WD Black M.2 NVMe SSD Review

WD SN750 vs WD Black vs Samsung 970 EVO AS SSD Benchmark Results

Using the AS SSD benchmark tool, we can see that the WD Black SN750 is again on top, but not by a huge margin. Meanwhile the WD Black and Samsung 970 EVO trade blows in sequential and 4K random tests.

WD SN750 vs WD Black vs Samsung 970 EVO CrystalDiskMark Benchmark Results

CrystalDiskMark is another popular tool used to benchmark storage drives. And again we see the WD Black SN750 on top when it comes to sequential read/write speeds. However it somehow falls behind when it comes to 4K random tests. This is the only test where the SN750 performed poorly on a 4K random test.

WD SN750 vs WD Black vs Samsung 970 EVO ezIOmeter Benchmark Results

The ezIOmeter is like an easy to use version of the IOmeter. It also gives you a more realistic scenario and what kind of performance to expect from a storage drive. In this test, we can see that the WD Black SN750 offers a fast sequential write speed, however  it slightly falls behind the Samsung 970 EVO when it comes to 4K random write speed. Both its sequential and random read speeds are quite fast though.

Finally, let’s check out the final test which will give us the over all performance result using the PCMark 8 storage benchmark. We’ll also conclude this SN750 review on the next page.

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