Cyberpunk 2077-themed NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Card Teased

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most awaited game to be released this year. It will also feature NVIDIA’s real time ray tracing, offering jaw-dropping visual effects that would enhance the gaming experience. And recently, @CyberpunkGame and @NVIDIAGeForce exchanged some very interesting tweets; teasing us with a possible Cyberpunk 2077-theme NVIDIA RTX graphics card. Remember, NVIDIA also did a Star Wars-themed Titan Xp graphics card a few years ago. But the more interesting question is, will this be a new RTX series graphics card, or an existing card like the RTX 2080 Ti?

Cyberpunk 2077 NVIDIA RTX Graphics Card

NVIDIA Teases Cyberpunk 2077-themed RTX Graphics Card

As you can see from the blurred photo, it’s clearly an RTX Founders Edition graphics card with yellow highlights on it. But the big question is which RTX card is it? Or is it a new one?

Some speculation suggest that it could be an RTX 2080 Ti considering that it’s currently the fastest RTX gaming card NVIDIA has to offer, not counting the Titan RTX. Others speculate that it could be NVIDIA’s next generation graphics card, like the RTX 30 series. However, I doubt that it’s the next gen graphics card. Why?

The design of the graphics card is very similar to the current RTX 20 series. I doubt that NVIDIA will use the same design for their RTX 30 series. I’m inclined to believe that they will make some changes on the design. Second, it’s too early for NVIDIA to reveal their next gen graphics card. AMD hasn’t revealed their Big Navi yet.

Another speculation is that it could be an RTX 2080 Ti Super. It could be, but there is another speculation that I’m leaning towards to. Whatever this graphics card is, or how fast it may be, NVIDIA may call this mysterious graphics card as the “GeForce RTX 2077”, like in “Cyberpunk 2077”.

Cyberpunk’s tweet goes like this: “Oh c’mon! Don’t tell us you never thought about it…”. As if suggesting that NVIDIA never thought to use “2077” as a name for one of their RTX cards. Anyway, we will find more about it very soon. This mysterious graphics card may be revealed this coming March at the GTG 2020.

So, what do you think is this mysterious Cyberpunk 2077-theme RTX graphics card? Is it a new model? Or one of the current RTX graphics card, just with a Cyberpunk theme?

By the way, Cyberpunk 2077 was initially scheduled to be released this April 2020. But it was recently moved to September 17th.

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