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Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir and Pump Kit Review

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The RGB craze didn’t stop on PC components and gaming peripherals alone. We now have water cooling parts with RGB lighting as well; to match the RGB effects on your system. How much RGB do you need? If you need more, then here’s one from Enermax. Today we are going to check out and review the Enermax NEOChanger RGB LED Reservoir and Pump Kit 300ML capacity. When I hear Enermax, what come into my mind are usually their PSUs, case fans, and CPU coolers. But I was surprised to see that Enermax released a Reservoir and Pump kit for water cooling system considering that they’re not (primarily) selling water cooling parts. Enermax AIO CPU coolers are good (for sure) and have earned several awards already. Today let’s find out if this NEOChanger is any good; if you are into water cooling, or plan to build a custom loop for your PC, check out our Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir and Pump Kit review below and find out if this one fits your build.

Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir and Pump Kit Review

The Enermax NEOChanger is a reservoir and pump combo that features RGB lighting and digital pump speed meter. It’s available in three capacities: 200ML, 300ML and 400ML. The 256-color RGB lighting is controlled via the included remote control or can be sync with an RGB compatible motherboard. Unlike your typical pump, the NEOChanger features a strong pump that can create strong hydraulic head up to 5.2m; and has a maximum rotation of 4000RPM++. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what type or brand of pump did Enermax used in the NEOCharger.

Another unique feature of the Enermax NEOChanger is that the pump is controlled via the remote control included and there’s a digital pump speed readout on the front portion. It gives you an idea on how fast the pump is currently running. The pump is capable of running from ~1500RPM up to 4000++ RPM; and the flow rate is around 900 liters per hour. The 3-in-1 remote control included controls the RGB lighting, brightness of the LED, its effects and the pump speed.

The caps on the Enermax NEOChanger are anodized Aluminum, the reservoir is Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) or commonly known as acrylic, and the pump is made from Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). Check out the complete specs and dimensions of the NEOChanger below.

Enermax NEOChanger Specifications

Packaging and Closer Look

The packaging is fairly simple; you get a rectangular sturdy box with corrugated cardboard inside that acts as the cradle for the NEOChanger and compartment for the accessories as well. No foam padding inside, just the corrugated cardboard.

Inside, you get the NEOChanger reservoir and pump kit, a vertical bracket support which is pre-installed, horizontal bracket and clip, bracket pad, clip pads, screws and nuts, mini wrench, 24P power adapter, and the remote control.

From the top you can see the standard intake port as well as the fill port of the reservoir. Those are made of anodized aluminum. The reservoir itself is made of acrylic. And at the bottom portion is the pump with the digital pump speed meter, just below the Enermax logo. The white band circle at the bottom of the acrylic reservoir is where the RGB LEDs are located. It basically acts as a guide or probably a diffuser so that light would go upwards and not scatter in any direction. The pump is powered by a SATA power cable and there’s also an RGB connector for syncing the RGB lighting with the motherboard.

Above you can see a sample photo of how the RGB lighting would look like if the reservoir is filled with clear coolant.

Installing the Enermax NEOChanger was relatively easy, but it took us quite some time to assemble it because of some clearance issues and due to the fact that it’s output port is on the rear side of the pump, opposite of the digital pump speed meter. Because of that, I can’t mount the NEOChanger facing front, with the digital readout on the front. I think it would be better if Enermax placed the out port on the side, rather than on the rear side. I see potential (clearance) issues with this, specially if the case you are building with doesn’t have a lot of room to spare.

Another thing I noticed is the remote control sensor sticking out at the bottom of the pump (see 1st photo with yellow circle). I hope Enermax placed that sensor or integrated it on the body of the pump, rather that it sticking out. They could have placed it just right below the readout and it would look aesthetically better. Not to mention, it’s very easy to accidentally bump that small thing. If that’s really the remote control sensor, and if it gets damaged, there’s no other way for you to control the pump speed. Yes, you can only control the pump via the remote control, so better not lose that remote control as well.

The digital pump speed meter looks nice though and pump is quite strong, specially at 3000 to 4000 RPM. Though, it gets loud and noisy at 3500 and above RPMs.

Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir and Pump Kit latest pricing and availability:
For US: Available at here
For UK: Available at Amazon UK here
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      I’m not sure what you mean by that. But the enermax pump is usually compatible with most WCS. It’s the tube size and fittings that matters.
      You’ll have to take note of the inner diameter and outer diameter of the tubing and fittings.


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