Integral UltimaPRO X 480GB SSD Review

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Price and Availability

The Integral UltimaPro X SSD series is now available in UK and comes with a recommend retail price (including VAT) of £82.52 for the 240GB, £166.84 for the 480GB and £351.53 for the 960GB. The company is offering a limited 3 year warranty for their Ultima Pro X SSDs.

At the time I published this review, I don’t see it listed on yet. But it is available at InSight UK, and they are currently selling the UltimaPro X SSD with the following retail prices (excluding VAT): £55.99 for the 240GB, £117.99 for the 480GB and £250.99 for the 960GB.

Integral UltimaPRO X 480GB SSD Review

Integral UltimaPRO X 480GB Review: Conclusion

During my tests, the Integral UltimaPro X 480GB SSD resulted in a good solid performing drive. It’s not the fastest SSD I have tested, in fact it’s a little bit slower than I expect it to be. But it’s also not the slowest SSD around and its performance is very consistent regardless of the type of file or capacity left on the SSD. The UltimaPro X is not the only SSD we have tested that is powered with a Phison S10 controller. The HyperX Savage SSD and Patriot Ignite SSD are just some of the SSDs in the market that also features the same controller. I’m not sure if Integral can somehow tweak the performance via a firmware update in the near future. But if they can, that would be great.

In my opinion, the UltimaPro X SSD series is not a bad product at all. If it can’t out perform its competition in terms of performance alone, then it all comes down to pricing. However based on the recommended retail price and even the retail price from InSight UK, the UltimaPro X SSD’s price is a little bit higher than expected. I was initially thinking that this would be a budget-friendly SSD based on its packaging, not to mention there’s no utility or bundled software offered as well.

For £117.99 (excluding VAT) or £141.59 (including VAT), the 480GB capacity might have a problem competing against the Samsung 850 Evo 480GB and Crucial BX100 SSD 480GB. Both are currently priced at £114.74 and £119.98 respectively, and both offer an overall better packaging (including software). It would be nice if Integral can lower the retail prices of their UltimaPro X SSD series to make it more attractive to the consumers, and make it more competitive in terms of price.

Like I said recently, the Integral UltimaPro X SSD is a good solid performing solid state drive. It comes with a decent set of features and consistent read/write speeds; thanks to the Phison S10 quad core controller and high quality MLC NAND flash chips. It would be a significant upgrade specially if you are coming from a hard disk drive. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending this drive to you. However, as of writing this review, the Ultima Pro X is not on our top list and we feel that there are better options out there due to the current pricing of the lineup. Nevertheless, it is still worth it to consider getting one, specially if the company decides to lower down the prices.



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