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Luxury & Precision L5 Pro DAP Review, Spoil Your Ears With HiFi Audio

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Packaging and Closer Look

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-01 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-03

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-02

The Luxury & Precision L5 Pro’s packaging has a very minimalistic approach. You get two rectangular black boxes that are stacked together to form a single larger rectangular box. The packaging looks very clean and simple, giving it quite an elegant look. The first compartment houses the L5 Pro while the second box houses the accessories.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-04 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-07

Aside from the L5 Pro itself, the packaging includes a nice leather case and a micro-USB to USB cable with ferrite bead. The ferrite bead on the USB cable acts as a filter that suppresses high frequency noise, giving you a clean signal. This will be a useful feature if you intend to use the L5 Pro as a USB DAC (will come in newer firmware update). The leather case looks like it is made from a cowhide and has this suede texture.

The package also includes some reading materials (unfortunately in Chinese only), and an LCD screen protector. I hope they will print a manual in English as well since the company is introducing this audio player in the middle and western regions as well.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-09 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-10

Opening the box labeled “Luxury & Precision” reveals the L5 Pro itself. It feels premium right out of the box and the rosewood back plate looks nice as well. These are real rosewood slab, and the company’s name and logo are engraved on to it. Since these are real wood, don’t expect to get the same 100% exact rosewood pattern and tone. Each slab is (more or less) unique from one another.

Above are photos showing how the L5 Pro will look like together with its leather case. The leather case offers a decent amount of protection from scratches and surface contacts. It also covers the microSD card slot preventing it from being ejected accidentally. The leather case also prevents accidental pressing of the buttons on the right side portion, since the buttons appears to be sunken.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-22 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-19

Here’s a 360° view of the L&P L5 Pro. On the top you get two customizable or programmable buttons and a dedicated lock/unlock screen button. The volume control is well protected, as you can see from the photos above. There is a subtle click-feeling as you rotate the volume knob, giving you a nice control and feel.

The L5 Pro measures 63 mm X 123 mm X 169 mm and weighs around 195 grams. The construction is really solid, there are no wobbly or flimsy parts, and overall it just feels good to hold even with one hand. However, you might want to be careful with the back plate, as it can easily get scratches, dents or bump marks.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-24 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-26
Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-25

Moving at the bottom of the L&P L5 Pro, you see a gold-plated 3.5mm headphone jack, a 3.5mm line out / coaxial digital SPDIF port, a micro USB port that can serve as a USB DAC (firmware update needed), and a microSD slot for storage expansion. It supports up to 128GB microSD card, but with the current version you must format the card in FAT32. The latest operating systems don’t allow you do to this anymore specially with SDHC and SDXC, but you can use third party software to format your card to FAT32. Hopefully, future firmware updates may be able to fix this and have support for exFAT file system as well.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-27 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-28
Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-29

There are a total of 6 buttons on the L5 Pro and a dedicated volume knob. Luxury & Precision uses Alphine extra-long life buttons to ensure reliability and quality. I already mentioned about the three buttons at the top; the other three buttons on the right side portion are  forward / backward (next/previous) buttons and a play/pause button. These buttons can also be used to navigate while selecting a folder, music or an option in the user interface.

Speaking of user interface, let’s proceed to the next page and take a look at the L5 Pro’s UI.

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6 thoughts on “Luxury & Precision L5 Pro DAP Review, Spoil Your Ears With HiFi Audio”

  1. Very nice review! Can you do a comparision between L5 Pro, iBasso DX80 and Fiio X7? Currently i’m using a DX90 and looking for my next upgrade.

    • Hi Vaynard, thank you for that!
      Yes, we do intend to review the iBasso DX80 and the Fiio X7. That would be a great comparison. We just hope iBasso and/or Fiio would send us their latest DAPs for us to do a full review as well. Their DAPs are priced lower compared to the L5 Pro making it more attractive in terms of price.

  2. Got this babe today but the six buttons are surprisingly loose when comparing to my Sony ZX1 & ZX2. Not sure if this is single case or the quality is just loke that. Anyone can advise?

      • Surely these buttons won’t fall off from the chassis but it just feel weird. In addition, the volume knob is also loose and doesn’t have the “click” feeling under operation which most reviews mentioned. Of coz the sound is really nice but the overall finish is not so impressed. Considering to apply refund.


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