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MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 mSATA SSD 50mm SATA III

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MyDigitalSSD has created the Super Cache 2 (SC2) for PC and laptop users who are looking for a low cost option to increase performance without sacrificing storage capacity in both mobile and desktop computers. Simply pair your existing HDD with the new Super Cache 2 mSATA SSD to boost your PC’s performance.

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2

Unlike other SSDs where you sacrifice capacity for speed, the Super Cache 2 is designed to be used in tandem with a conventional spinning hard drive to increase productivity in any PC or Laptop that has the extra mSATA slot that is quickly becoming standard in today’s notebooks and desktop mother boards.

Are you an enthusiast on a budget? Take that expensive high-capacity SSD off of your Buy List. The Super Cache 2 gets you SSD speed and performance without the big SSD price tag.

Often smaller capacity solid state drives mean slower speeds, this is not the case with the SC2. The MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 features the PHISON S9 controller that allows for high queue depth speeds and SATA III (6G) R./W speeds for unmatched performance compared to similar low density drives.

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 Specifications

Interface: SATA III (6G)
Form Factor: 50mm mSATA
Controller: Phison S9 Series (PS3109)
Max Read Rate: 550MB/sec
Max Write Rate: 430MB/sec
Access Time: 0.1 ms
Operation Temperature: 0 to 70°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C
Dimensions: 49.73 x 31.5 x 3.26mm
Weight: 6g more or less
Input Voltage: 3V ± 5%
Idle: 0.5W (50 mA) more or less
Active: 0.9W more or less (230 mA Write, 170 mA Read)
RAID Support: Yes
TRIM Support: Yes
NCQ: Up to 32 commands
MTBF: 2,000,000 hours more or less
Warranty: 3 Year

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 Features

  • Sudden power-off recovery
  • Battery backup function
  • High and Reliable ECC capability up to 24bits/sector
  • S.M.A.R.T features optimized for SSD
  • Bit error monitoring and management
  • Dynamic and static wear-leveling
  • Dynamic bad block management
  • SMART commands and additional SSD monitoring

The MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 mSATA SSD comes in 24GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity. The price is $39.99 for 24GB, $42.99 for 32GB, $62.99 for 64GB, and $99.99 for 128GB.

As a bonus, each MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 drive includes a free license code for FNet HybriDisk cache software to increase your overall PC speed up to 5X.

FNet HybriDisk is a easy-to-use low maintenance cache software that increases the overall performance of your computer by using a low-capacity SSD as a high-performance “cache” for your existing HDD. HybriDisk uses intelligent caching algorithms to continuously monitor the way you are using applications and data, and automatically keeps all of your “hot” data ready on the SSD for optimal performance.

FNet HybriDisk Features

  • Solid state hybrid drive delivers SSD-like performance with hard drive capacity options.
  • FNet Smart-Swap Technology (SST) customizes performance by aligning to user needs for overall improved system response.
  • Reduces boot times by up to 60%+.
  • Smart and real-time caching of the applications and data that the user needs.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain.
  • Selectable quantity of SSD storage to be used.
  • Maintains full safety of all data which when SSD failure or removal, as well as un-normal shutdowns resulting from power outages.
  • Smart, invisibly and silently in the background, with user-friendly interface.

You can download the FNet HybriDisk from MyDigitalSSD’s official site.

Note: FNet HybriDisk is an optional software, to be used exclusively with MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 SSDs. FNet HybriDisk will not work if used in the same capacity on other solid state drives. Super Cache 2 SSDs are compatible with all cache solutions and can alternatively be used as a boot drive for operating systems or important programs.

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