Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream Unleashed – See Features and Specifications


Palit has recently revealed their fastest flagship GTX 980 graphics card, featuring a base clock speed of 1203MHz, – the Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream. If you think GTX 980 JetStream couldn’t get any better, well here it is, the Super JetStream. It features an eye catching Red and Black color theme and its cooler’s shroud really looks attractive. I think this kind of theme reminds me of an Asus ROG graphics cards or MSI’s latest Twin Frozr V cooler. Anyway, the GTX 980 Super JetStream features an 8-Phase power design for overclocking and stability, 0-db fan noise and many more. Check out the rest of its features and specifications below.

Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream-01

Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream Features

The Palit GTX 980 Super JetStream features 0-dB Tech where the fans won’t run until the temperature reaches 60°C and above. Its cooler features a cooper base plate with four heatpipes transporting the heat to the large aluminum fins. The aluminum fins are then cooled by two 10CM Smart fans that feature a TurboFan Blade design. The cooler also features an optimized air flow design where each adjacent fan rotates in a different direction to reduce airflow conflicts. Not to mention the two 10CM fans features LED lighting that gives the Super JetStream an eye catching looks.

Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream-04 Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream-05

It features a unique 8-Phase PWM design that reduces maximum current load for each phase to stabilize the voltage level and improve overclocking ability. It also provides another 30% current capacity, and features DrMOS that offers high current circuits, low noise operation, and effective reduction of heat generating.

And just like any other GeForce GTX 900 series graphics cards, the Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream supports NVIDIA GSync, NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround, Adaptive V-Sync, GPU Boost 2.0, PhysX, 4K display output and more.

Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream-07

Palit has also included an overclocking utility called Thunder Master that fully utilizes NVIDIA GPU Boost technology for intelligent monitoring of clock speed, ensuring that the GPU runs safely at its peak and the game is at its highest frame rate.

Under the hood, the Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream is configured to run at 1,127MHz base clock speed with boost clock speed of 1,216MHz, and still has room for overclocking. Its 4GB GDDR5 memory is clocked at 3500MHz (7000MHz effective). Check out the rest of its specifications below.

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Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream Specifications

SpecificationsPalit GTX 980 Super JetStream
Memory Amount4096MB
Memory Interface256bit
Graphics ClockBase Clock : 1127MHz / Boost Clock : 1216MHz
Memory Clock3500 MHz (DDR 7000 MHz)
CUDA Cores2048
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)224
Microsoft DirectX12
Bus SupportPCI-E 3.0 x 16
Maximum Digital Resolution4096x2160
Maximum VGA Resolution2048x1536
Dual-Link DVIYes
DisplayPortmini-DisplayPort x 3
NVIDIA SLI-ready2-way*
NVIDIA 3D Vision ReadyYes
NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround ReadyYes
NVIDIA PureVideo HD TechnologyYes
NVIDIA PhysX-readyYes
NVIDIA CUDA TechnologyYes
NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical SyncYes
Certified for Microsoft Windows 7Yes
Certified for Microsoft Windows 8Yes
Height2.5 Slot
Board Length280mm
PCB Width280mm x 133mm
Graphics Card Power180 W
Minimum Recommended System Power500 W
Supplementary Power Connectors6-pin X1 8-pin X1
AccessoryManual, Driver Disc, DVI-CRT Adapter, Power Cable

Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super JetStream-03

Price and Availability

Palit hasn’t disclosed its manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the GTX 980 Super JetStream. But I’ll try to update this page when it becomes available to order online.

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