6 Simple Ways To Determine If a Website is Safe or Not

how to determine if a website is safe or not

Whether you’re a gamer, tech enthusiast, or sports lover, you likely browse a bunch of websites every day without checking whether or not they are safe. To make matters worse, scammers worldwide have gotten extremely good at making their websites look legitimate and safe, so now it’s more complicated than ever to tell a secure …

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AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 22.8.1 Supports Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Thymesia

marvel spider man remastered amd radeon driver

Today AMD released AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.8.1, with support for the new Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Thymesia games. It also enables Radeon Boost in Halo Infinite. Radeon Boost delivers higher performance by dynamically reducing image resolution or varying shading rates for different regions of a frame, increasing FPS and fluidity, and bolstering responsiveness with …

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NordVPN Meshnet – Encrypted Private Network Solution, Connect Directly To Other Devices

nordvpn meshnet

NordVPN recently launched a new feature called the Meshnet. NordVPN’s Meshnet allows users to connect directly to other devices. Specifically, it lets you route your internet traffic through other devices over encrypted private tunnels. Learn more about the new NordVPN Meshnet, what it does, and how to use it in this article.

Boost Your Business’s Online Security With These 7 Useful Tips

Boost Your Business's Online Security With These 7 Useful Tips

No matter how big or small your business is, it probably operates online, which means you’re vulnerable to all security vulnerabilities that come with the internet. We are going to address the most common security pressure points and talk about how to secure your business. Let’s dig in!

Trezor Suite Steps Up and Offers Major Improvements

trezor suite firmware update

Trezor, the first hardware wallet, was given a new desktop application in July 2021. It is now completely replacing the old Trezor Wallet interface, which will no longer be supported from the 31st of January. The new app is called Trezor Suite and it is a major improvement that helps secure users of cryptocurrencies against …

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AIDA64 v6.50 Supports Windows 11 and GeForce RTX LHR Monitoring

finalware aida64

AIDA64 version 6.50 is now available and it comes with new features and improvements including monitoring for GeForce RTX LHR graphics cards and Windows 11 support. In addition, the new version includes improved support for Intel Alder Lake CPU and LGA-1700 motherboards, Intel’s upcoming processors and chipset, which should be released in the next couple …

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AIDA64 v5.98 Released – Supports RTX and Other New Features and Improvements

FinalWare’s AIDA64 5.98 software was recently released and it offers new features like VAES Optimized AES benchmark and support for NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 200 series graphics cards. It also adds monitoring sensor values on the EVGA Z10 LCD keyboard and supports the latest Intel and AMD CPU platforms as well. There are basically four …

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Futuremark 3DMark v1.4.775 Features FireStrike Ultra for 4K Ultra HD Benchmarking

3DMark v1.4.775 FireStrike Ultra

Futuremark, makers of the popular 3DMark benchmarking tool, has recently released a new version of the 3DMark (2013), version 1.4.775. The new version now includes what the company calls “FireStrike Ultra” for 4K Ultra HD benchmarking. With this benchmarking tool, it’s able to tell users whether their current system is ready for 4K display and …

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Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System Announced – No More Windows 9

Microsoft Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft has officially announced their next Windows operating system – the Windows 10. But wait, we currently have Windows 8 and the next should be Windows 9 right? What happened to Windows 9 then? Microsoft decided to skip the “9” moniker and decided to use “Windows 10” instead. The improvement might not be two …

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