NordVPN VPN App Now Works With Apple TV, Access Your Content While Abroad

NordVPN, a cybersecurity company, has released a dedicated VPN app for Apple TV in response to Apple’s latest tvOS 17 update, which now supports third-party VPN applications. The new NordVPN app enhances user privacy and security when streaming content on Apple TV.

nordvpn and apple tv os

According to Vykintas Maknickas, head of product strategy at NordVPN:
“Users often forget that mobile phones and computers are not the only gateways to your network for cybercriminals. A smart TV is usually connected to the internet, so it can also be hacked, and cybercriminals can spy on users, steal data, or even try to access other devices on the home network. A dedicated VPN app for Apple TV will allow our users to ensure cybersecurity and protect their privacy. Moreover, a VPN can even improve the streaming experience by increasing users’ privacy,”.

Using a VPN on Apple TV offers several advantages, with a key benefit being the protection of online traffic from potential threats. The NordVPN app employs advanced encryption, safeguarding users from snoops and cybercriminals. Third parties, including ISPs, cannot track the user’s online activities when connected to a VPN server.

Moreover, an Apple TV VPN enables users to access their preferred content even when traveling. Many online platforms restrict content based on the user’s location and IP address. Using the NordVPN app, users can easily watch legitimate subscriptions by connecting to a VPN server in their home country.

Lastly, NordVPN is fast and reliable, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt users’ streaming routines while enhancing privacy and security without causing a noticeable slowdown in the connection. Additionally, using a VPN might improve internet speed, especially if the internet service provider has been throttling the connection due to streaming detection.

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Benefits of Using a VPN on tvOS:

Utilizing a VPN resolves various challenges faced by smart TVs, including internet restrictions, IP exposure, and potential buffering. Here’s how NordVPN enhances your tvOS experience:

  • Access Home Content Abroad: NordVPN allows you to enjoy your home country’s legitimate subscriptions even when traveling.
  • Buffer-Free Streaming: ISP throttling can lead to buffering, particularly for high-definition or 4K streams. NordVPN prevents this by concealing your activity, preventing your ISP from throttling based on traffic type.
  • Privacy Protection: NordVPN ensures your streaming habits, online activities, and IP address remain private from prying eyes.
  • Apple TV Security: Smart TVs are susceptible to hacking, and a VPN safeguards your Apple TV by hiding your IP address and routing online traffic through a secure VPN server, protecting it from potential exploits.

Key Features of NordVPN for tvOS

NordVPN for tvOS offers a reliable VPN service, ensuring a secure and stable connection for your online activities. Your internet traffic is directed through a secure VPN server within our extensive network covering over 60 countries. The process is simplified – click the “Quick Connect” button to link to the nearest and fastest server swiftly.

For those wanting to connect to a specific country or city, NordVPN provides a straightforward solution. Choose your preferred country from the on-screen list, or if targeting a specific city, utilize the search tab to locate and select it quickly.

NordVPN for tvOS guarantees a speedy connection, thanks to the lightweight NordLynx protocol, ensuring optimal performance.

How to Install NordVPN on tvOS

Getting NordVPN for tvOS is straightforward. Visit the App Store on your Apple TV, locate NordVPN, and click to initiate the download. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the process.

After downloading, choose between logging in with an existing Nord Account or creating a new one. For new users, subscription plans are available. Once signed up and the app is installed, find and click the “Quick Connect” button.

That’s all! Now enjoy enhanced security while streaming your preferred content on Apple TV, courtesy of one of the fastest VPNs available.

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